Methods of hair removal at home

Oh, this terrible word - depilation.A rare woman does not flinch at the mention of him, except that the one who has not tried it myself.Everything, without exception, asserting that it is a terrible pain.In fact, it all depends on how high a person's pain threshold, because that one seems a torment, the other will not give any discomfort, but how much experience to the procedure itself.For the most nervous in our time, there are painkillers, they are in each cabin.

So, there are several methods of depilation, which are possible in the home:


Perhaps the most common method of hair removal.This tool is known to all in every home.So, how to use it, everyone knows.


1) Always at hand (you can buy in any store).

2) does not require a lot of time and preparation.

3) The procedure is absolutely painless.


1) The result is stored in a very short period of time (2-3 days).

2) The hair becomes rough and sharp.

3) It is easy to get cut with careless use.

4) remain black spot

s under the skin.

electrodepilator, tweezers

principle - Unplugging the hair from the root.


1) Since the hair is pulled out by the root, then, accordingly, the result is a long time (2-3 weeks).

2) Over time, the hairs become thinner and less.

3) can be used at home.


1) patients.

2) This process takes a lot of time.

3) electrodepilator not convenient to use in all areas of the body.

Waxing chemical means

In stores you can find a huge number of all kinds of lotions, gels and creams for hair removal.The principle of operation is quite simple: a composition such means includes substances which destroy hairs particularly useful tioglikolievaya sodium or potassium salt.

depilatory creams Pros:

1) Painless.

2) Destroys even the hairs under the skin.

3) It is easy to use at home: just put the cream on the skin, wait and wash.

4) can be purchased at any store.

5) The skin remains smooth week.


1) A good and effective cream is quite expensive.

2) is not suitable for all skin types, it causes an allergic reaction (is recommended to put on a small area to determine whether you fit this tool).

3) Frequent cases of ingrown hair.


This method of hair removal with wax.Since ancient times, people used wax to remove unwanted vegetation on the body.Since then, nothing much has changed: Hot or cold wax is applied to the skin, and the hair should be at least 0.4 cm at the solidification takes approximately one minute, and then a sharp movement tear strip, and - voila!Perfectly smooth skin!


or otherwise - depilation with sugar, caramel.This is a more gentle way, as a mixture of covers only the hair, while not sticking to the skin, so it is used for sensitive areas of the body, such as the bikini area and underarms.The process itself is similar to waxing.

Pros waxing and shugaring:

1) After a while, the hair becomes thinner.

2) There is little risk of ingrown hairs.

3) New hairs grow in 2-3 weeks with regular repetition.

4) Ability to carry out these procedures in the home (for the first time is better to turn to professionals).


1) The possibility of allergic reactions.

2) The hair must be more than 0.5 cm, which is not always possible.

have smooth skin in our time simply.Choose the method that's right for you, and act!