Best tablet from worms to humans

When worms often prescribe different medications drugs.There are a large number of tablets from worms, they have different effects on the human body.Traditional medicine uses garlic, pumpkin seeds, various oils, extracts of fern.Modern pharmacology offers a large number of different tablets from worms, they are safe, non-toxic and effective.Independently of their use is not recommended only after medical consultation.

Types of medicines for worms

Now there are 80 different species of parasites, they affect the human body from the inside.Children are often hit pinworm, roundworm and giardia.Against them there are 10 tablets of medicines.Commonly prescribed treatment Nemozolom, dekaris, Vermoxum, Vormilom, pyrantel.Prohibited these drugs during pregnancy, infectious and viral diseases, during menstruation, in the lactation period.

All worms are divided into cestodes, nematodes and trematodes, each of them has its own sensitivity to specific drugs.Tablets prescribed depending on the type worms, also t

akes into account the age, condition of the body.Only a doctor can choose the desired dosage.

tablets with roundworms and hookworms

This group includes roundworm, whipworm, pinworm, toxocara.From roundworms that colonize in the intestines are discharged Nemozol, Albendazole, Worm.The suspension of most commonly prescribed treatment Gelmodolom.Effective chewable tablets Dekaris, Levamisole, Vermoxum.It is also used in this case Gelmintoks, Mebeks, pyrantel, Pirkon, Medamin.If the parasite is extraintestinal appoint Ivermek, Ditrazin.

Rules receiving anthelmintic tablets

All drugs affect the adult worms, they practically do not affect the development of eggs and larvae.If the child had pinworms, he can catch them again, so after initial treatment have been recommended two weeks to pass a course of therapy again.In order to reliably bring the worms can be used this way: once in the morning to take a pill, put a cleansing enema the evening, drink a laxative drug.All groups of medicines for worms, especially if you have a flat, ribbon worms, you need to drink only after medical consultation.

Please note that all drugs are toxic, it is important to adhere to the dosage, to take into account how much weight the patient may need to go to hospital.

Formulations for tapeworm and cestodes

gid are in this group, beef tapeworm infection, hydatid disease, Sparganosis, teniidoze, taeniasis, diphyllobothriasis.Assign pills - fenasal, Niclosamide.When intestinal tapeworms - Akrikhin, Mepacrine, it can be taken for malaria, dwarf tapeworm, nematodes.Effective treatment with Albendazole echinococcosis, giardiasis.Nemozol used and the type of extra-intestinal cestodosis.

Tablets by flatworms, flukes

This group refers liver fluke, fluke Chinese, feline fluke, fluke light, itchy swimmers.With extra-intestinal fluke prescribe bithionol, Hloksillom.In the case of intestinal lesions used biltricid, Praschikvantel, Azinoks, Tsesol.

Reception tablets from worms prophylactically

If someone has a family and found pinworms, necessary for prevention need to take certain medications group.scrapings often show a negative result, but often students and preschoolers are infected with the disease, the eggs are transferred quickly - through household items, door handles, if shake hands, animal dander, bedding, children's clothing.

Some doctors against taking the pills as a preventive measure.You can drink the medicine today, and catch tomorrow.It is important to observe good personal hygiene, keep track of intimate hygiene, wash your hands after going to the toilet, before eating food.Make sure every day in the morning to change my underwear.Remember that all medications from the worms have a toxic effect on the human body, they are especially dangerous for children.You can include in your diet raw pumpkin seeds, garlic.

Other doctors say that as a preventive measure preschoolers and primary school children should be every 6 months Pyrantel drinking in children's team is always there is an infection with worms, symptoms not evident, scraping rarely gives the correct result.

child tries to keep track of personal hygiene only 6 years old, so it can samozarazhatsya.In that case, if a negative scraping, worried about a strong itch in the back of the gut, vomiting, stomach ache, you need to see a doctor, to isolate the child.Scraping in this situation is repeated three times.

Take a tablet as a preventive measure should be:

1. When the house is an animal.

2. Man is constantly in contact with the ground.

3. When a child is in a closed children's team.

4. Regularly driving in different countries.

5. Do you like to play football, beach volleyball, hunting, fishing.

worms are quite common, can occur during pregnancy, but taking drugs in early gestation is prohibited.The drug has toxic effects on the body, it can harm the baby longer than worms.From the second trimester treatment can appoint the attending doctor, often piperazine tablets.A pregnant woman should not have to worry if she pinworms, get rid of them you can own, they live no more than two weeks.

Therefore, extreme caution tablets against worms need to take small children, in the lactation period, with agranulocytosis, liver disease, kidney, when depressed bone marrow.Hypersensitivity to the drug for children under 6 months, it is important to check their reaction, if allergy occurs, you need to change to other tablets.