Jeanine endometriosis .Jeanine Treatment

Endometriosis - a female gynecological disorder characterized by the growth of uterine tissue and the vagina in women.Gradually, the epithelium begins to grow into the abdominal organs.All of this pathological phenomenon called endometriosis.

woman in the office of the doctor-gynecologist after the diagnosis "endometriosis" may also hear the word "Janine".What does this mean?

Janine - a hormonal agent, related to oral contraceptives, which in most cases is used to treat a pathological condition endometriosis.

Description drug "Janine»

Janine - a contraceptive related to hormonal contraceptives.Jeanine prepyastvuet education ovulation.

Janine The composition includes such hormones, which normally produces the female body as estrogen and progestogen.Typically, excess or lack of these hormones leads to disruption of the menstrual cycle in women.

How Janine acts on a woman's body?Jeanine mechanism aimed at regulating the menstrual cycle in a woman's body on the following principle: a lack of estro

gen and progesterone are replenished active ingredients of the drug, and the excess of gormnov starts suppressed (if available).

hormonal contraceptive is directed to an artificial increase in hormonal levels in a woman.This means that at a certain stage the body begins to block the production of its own hormones that directly affect the growth of tissue lining the internal organs.

Since Janine - a hormonal drug, he naturally block the onset of ovulation in women.In simple terms, while taking Jeanine woman can not get pregnant.

Some doctors for the treatment of endometriosis recommend the use of other hormonal products containing artificial hormone progesterone.It can be Djufaston, Visan, Utrozhestan and others. What is their action and how they differ from Jeanine?In these preparations the main active ingredient is progesterone or its gynecologists called the pregnancy hormone.Progesterone artificial begins to block and inhibit the action of estrogen, which affects the growth of the endometrium female genital tract.

Jeanine and endometriosis

Causes of endometriosis is not fully installed.many factors affect the growth of the endometrium.But, yet thoroughly it established that the endometrium starts to grow during hormonal disorders are women.So what is in this case can help endometriosis and how it affects the female body?

Jeanine, as mentioned above, first of all its different mechanism of action.Thus, a woman's ovulation typically occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle, and is closer to the second half.Once a woman passes ovulation, hormones gain peak of its growth and are directed to increase and growth of the endometrium.The endometrium starts to increase in order to prepare the uterus for the future fruit.This is a natural process in a woman's body.If the mucous membrane in this period is not growing, then it is a violation.

As a result of external or internal disturbances in women begins pathological course called endometriosis.It is characterized by symptoms such as:

  • bleeding from the genital tract;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • Severe pain in the abdomen.

Jeanine is aimed at blocking ovulation, that is, it does not occur in principle.What does this mean?What yaytselketka not released from the ovary and the uterus does not change its structure.

instructions to the drug Jeanine

If we turn to the instructions to the drug, you will see the following: The drug effectively treats discovered bleeding of the genital tract in women, and also eliminates the pain inherent in disorders of the menstrual cycle.

bleeding with minor inclusions mucosa during mentstruatsii - is the norm, characterizing the physiological yavlyaenie.The mucous membrane, which the body is ready for fertilization, gradually torn away, damaging blood vessels in the uterus.

Since hormonal drug Jeanine aimed at blocking ovulation, the endometrial growth and, accordingly, its rejection occurs.Therefore, when taking the drug Jeanine woman not Senses abdominal pain and not feel discomfort.This means that Jeanine also blocks any inflammatory process, which may begin in the reproductive organs of women.

Janine - is an oral hormonal contraceptive, which aims to regulate the menstrual cycle.It becomes permanent, without severe pain and heavy bleeding.In some cases, Janine prescribed to women to reduce bolevovogo syndrome during menses.

Recommendations for use of the drug Jeanine

Guide to Hormonal contraceptives Janine points out, that it works effectively if endometriosis has begun to spread in the female genital organs, as well as outside of them - the so-called form of extragenital endometriosis.

active ingredients of the drug Jeanine directed at himself lesion, so the minimum dose sufficient to eliminate pathological disease.Gynecologist is not recommended to take the drug according to its own treatment regimen, as it is developed individually, depending on the clinical condition of the female body.

schemes taking the drug Jeanine

drug Jeanine primenyatyut through two schemes: contraceptive and prolonged.According to the form of contraceptive Jeanine receiving the drug, the medication start to drink the first day of menstruation.The course of treatment - 21 days.After - a break for 7 days.Then, after this course of treatment is necessary to check the condition of the endometrium.Prolangirovannaya form is assigned a doctor.