Vaccination against rabies

Rabies is a serious fatal disease.Carriers of the virus - the fox, wolf, stray cats, dogs, sometimes a bat.A person can become infected if bitten by a sick animal or saliva gets on the mucous membrane, the skin.Rarely, the disease is transmitted through everyday objects, when a man cut up the meat.

manifestation of a human rabies

1. hurts and strongly itchy bite scar becomes red, swollen, there is a severe headache, difficulty swallowing, increased body temperature.The man is afraid of something, nightmares, insomnia.

2. Increased agitation, spasms, seizures, aggression, labeling, hallucinations can occur.The high temperature of 41 degrees, increased sweating, watery, blood pressure drops, it is hard to swallow, it is foamed.

3. At the final stage of rabies corneal reflex disappears, there are cramps, upset the brain work.At the end of the limb paralyzes completely affected cranial nerves.The patient calms down, a day later the man died of cardiac arrest.The disease lasts no longer than a week.

To prevent these terrible symptoms that lead to death, need timely vaccinations.

value of vaccination against rabies

rhabdovirus in saliva appears 10 days before the symptoms of rabies appear, so you can not always see that the child is sick.Sometimes, the incubation period is 1 year.It all depends on where the bite was and how the virus is transmitted.It is dangerous when the animal bites for the genitals, face, fingers, and wrists.

urgent prevention of the virus, vaccination necessarily those in contact with sick animals, as some people in this profession.

drugs against rabies

1. Coca before use, it is necessary to add a solvent vial, gently introduced intramuscularly.Small children entered in the thigh, and senior adults in the deltoid muscle.

2. Rabivak-Vnukovo.The drug is added to the solvent - 3 ml, shaken for about 5 minutes.Once inserted in the stomach below the navel.If bite superficial skin got saliva, scratches on the body, when the animal is ill after.a bite, children need vaccinations in 2 ml and an adult - 3 ml.When damage to the deep bite a wild animal, the dosage is increased to 5 ml.

3. Rabipur vaccine is administered intramuscularly, small children in the thigh.

4. Rabies immunoglobulin it contains human serum, administered intramuscularly, it is necessary to monitor the dosage, if the increase can occur with antibodies problems.First part of the drug administered to the infiltrated the wound, then a drug that was introduced into the buttocks and thigh.

5. Rabies immune globulin based on horse blood is introduced only after the sample is carried out, it must be negative.In that case, if it is positive, the drug is injected with antihistamine drugs.It is recommended to be administered subcutaneously dose of adrenaline, which corresponds to the age.

Preventive measures

rabies vaccine immune system after 10 days begins to produce the necessary substances.In that case, if the bites are heavy, have a dangerous location, you need to pay attention, which dramatically reduced the incubation period, in this situation, in addition to the vaccine must be administered immunoglobulin.

If the damage is severe, the animal dies from the virus, it is important to combine an injection with anarabicheskim immunoglobulin, if it turned out to make the day of the bite, it must be done the first 3 days, no later.

vaccine is administered at any time.At the areas where rabies was observed for about two years, as if bitten by a pet, wild without a diagnosis, is found only without injection of immunoglobulin.Vaccination is terminated if within 10 days of the animal did not appear symptoms of rabies.If a person previously vaccinated, should be administered in a double dose of coca.

Rabivak introduced depending on how pronounced the illness, the course of 25 injections.As a preventive measure intramuscularly administered one dose of vaccine.

Vaccination with different injuries

1. If an animal is rabid not hurt the skin, as it has not got the saliva, vaccination is not indicated.

2. When intact skin or licks, abrasions, bites, scratches animal body, while it remains healthy 10 days, enough 3 injection dose.In the event that there is no way to trace the animal was killed, it ran away, you need to complete a full course of treatment, uses coca.

3. If there was oslyunena mucosa, a bite to the face, neck, genitals, a large number of lesions.Or licks wild animals, bats, always treated.In this situation it is important to undergo immediate treatment AIG, Coca .

human reaction to the vaccine against rabies

Rarely vaccine can lead to neurological complications, most often seen in those with neurological diseases.The place in which the vaccine is administered, very sore, compacted, swells.Can dramatically increase the body temperature, swollen lymph nodes, and rarely observed pain in the joints and muscles.In this situation, you need to make a break for 1 day of vaccination.In order to alleviate the condition, you can take antipyretic drugs.Rarely, the vaccine may experience different allergic reactions.They often occur after rabies immunoglobulin was used, in this situation, there is a serious allergy - urticaria, angioedema, anaphylactic shock.

Thus, vaccination after an animal bite is very important, so it is possible to protect against life-threatening diseases - rabies.If time does not prevent the spread of the virus, a person dies within a week.