Ozone therapy - an effective way to get rid of the extra kilos

Ozone - an innovative and effective way to help get rid of the extra kilos, do not require special medication for him, for the procedure using oxygen and ozone.Cosmetology and dermatology appreciate this method as it is used, and other types of medicine.For the proper functioning of tissues and organs, must be a sufficient amount of oxygen, which control the oxidative protsess.Chasto cause disturbances work cell is hypoxia, when they do not have enough oxygen.

This is due to the fact that people sleep, do not eat, do not care for their body, abusing harmful habits, the body's oxidation does not occur, all this has a negative effect on the skin.It loses its elasticity, it begin to form wrinkles, cellulite then formed.

values ​​of ozone therapy

With ozone cells can be cleaned due to the fact that are filled with oxygen.

procedure is not painful, does not need a local and general anesthesia
Cosmetologists ozone therapy for her use as an anti-aging method by which it is possible to improve the color

of the skin, get rid of cellulite, get rid of the swelling under the eyes and bags, which often spoil the appearance.Indications of ozone therapy is the overweight, obesity.

Features ozone therapy slimming

With this method it is possible to saturate the body with oxygen, this is done using the following stages:

1. Make a subcutaneous injection.

2. The use of intravenous saline based.

3. No blowing.

4. The use of ozonated oil.

5. Internally advised to drink water that is saturated with ozone.

If used in combination, it is possible to achieve effective results.If a person wants to lose weight badly, to this end, use of the ozone-oxygen mixture, it is administered in problem areas under the skin using a fine needle.In this way, the fat cells become weak, cellulite deposits will not be so persistent, then start to break down knots.It improves blood and lymphatic microcirculation.A person loses weight due to the fact that the fat tissue interact with each other via the ozone molecules.Then people lose weight, because getting rid of excess fat, toxins, it is removed from the body, rejuvenate the skin.

When using ozone therapy to get rid of extra kilos, it is very important to massage the body before and after the procedure, so that the ozone-oxygen mixture is evenly distributed.

ozone therapy program for getting rid of the extra kilos

Each specialist individually for each person picks up a program for this purpose must be used in such methods:

1. investigate human tissue using bioimpedance analysis.

2. Further autogemoozonoterapiyu can use when the patient is administered intramuscularly 10 ml of blood, which had previously been stirred from ozone.

3. Oxygen cocktail.

4. At the discretion of the physician may use lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, thalassotherapy, hydrocolontherapy.

All methods have their advantages and disadvantages.More often than not, for a person to quickly get rid of excess kilograms, using injections by oxygen cocktails, then we need more, and other procedures that will help to improve efficiency.The course of treatment is not less than 10 sessions.You may notice results after half procedures.

Ozone therapy to get rid of extra kilos at home

turns as possible and independently carry out the procedure, from the comfort of home, of course, it will not be obkalyvanie or something that can be performed in a beauty salon, but there is an excellent replacement for the above-described methods:

1. bathing water, which saturated with ozone.To do this, use a special electrical device, hydromassage Ozonator, using it can saturate the water right amount of ozone.To lose weight, it is recommended to take such a bath of up to two times a week for about 20 minutes.Water should not be up to the chest, it takes a little less, the optimum temperature - 38 degrees.

2. The use of ozonated water inside, also it is possible to cook, so food will be cleared.To prepare such water, need a special cap, which hold 200 ml of water 10 minutes, then it is advised to drink immediately.It has very useful properties, thus can improve the body work faster to lose weight, the skin immediately becomes healthy, will gain elasticity, firmness.

Good ozonated water to wash, wash your hair, do it with a variety of baths, masks, so you can fully rejuvenate.With the help of ozone can clean your home air, so improving the state of the whole body, then the person gets rid of problems such as stretch marks and cellulite.With the help of ozone in beauty salons are prepared for injecting special cocktails.

Contraindications ozone therapy

impossible to carry out procedures for diseases such as pancreatitis, hypotension, stroke, hypoglycemia, heart attack, in case of bleeding, if a person can not tolerate ozone.It is very important to the ozone therapy with a view to get rid of the extra kilos thoroughly examined by a doctor, consult, whether you can use this method to analyze everything, then only proceed.

Thus, ozone therapy for weight loss is a painless procedure, which has virtually no side effects on the human body.Due to the active oxygen is reduced lipid metabolism, with which you can burn excess fat.It also has available and the optimal price.It is very important to pay attention to contraindications and make sure exactly if you have any of these diseases.Keep in mind that weight loss is a comprehensive approach, because in addition to ozone therapy is very important to monitor their lifestyle, diet.Then you will soon get rid of the extra kilos in the abdomen, hips, waist and elastic and will get beautiful skin.