Med Center " Medical He Group"

Until recently, residents of suburbs of quality skilled care had to go to the capital.But now, if you need an accessible and diversified private clinics in Novokosino can turn into a modern medical center "Medical He Group", where everyone can get practical advice from specialists all directions and pass the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Clinic is a diversified and specializes in all kinds of tests and studies.
Receiving medical specialists narrow focus allows thoroughly investigate violations in the work of certain organs and systems.In the case where the patient is not sure exactly what he needs specialist, you can ask for prior consultation to the therapist, who hold primary survey and give recommendations for further examination, additional analyzes and consultations of specialized doctors.

Everything else, the medical center "Medical He Group" is equipped with high-tech laboratory that allows to carry out all kinds of tests, ranging from a general blood test to more complex in

tegrated research.In addition, the clinic can undergo diagnostic procedures such as ultrasound examination of different organs and systems, magnetic resonance and computer tomography, X-ray, fluoroscopy, etc.

Due to the complex diagnosis may make a correct diagnosis, to start an effective and timely treatment or prevention of a disease.Patients can be proposed as a medical treatment, and course of various procedures that can take place in our medical center.It includes massage, mud, physiological treatments, laser therapy, and more.

Specialists Centre "He Medical Group" to help with the diagnosis and treatment of even the most complex and difficult-to-running treatment of diseases which are associated with neurological, endocrine, reproductive system of both women and men.We are specialists in the direction of the highest category of surgery, gynecology, urology, cosmetology, dermatology.Doctors Medical Center have helped many patients to solve health problems, even in cases that seemed very difficult.In the course of treatment is used the world experience and the most advanced medical technologies.