Cancer Treatment in Israel

Every year the number of people infected by any type of cancer, has been steadily growing in the world.Most often people do not even know that he has this terrible disease, as long as the disease does not go at the last, incurable stage.

cancer treatment in Israel, more detail here http: // / pages / oncology has for many years held much better than in other developed countries of the West and America.

In the country there are many clinics that are treating cancer patients with different stages of cancer development.Success in healing is mainly dependent on the fact that the Israeli medicine is fully supported by the state, funding the development of new drugs, as well as the creation of unique technologies for a competent, proper diagnosis and treatment of cancer.Israel provides the opportunity for scientists, doctors examine the disease, and to discover new drugs.The clinics not only employs highly-medical oncologists, and equipment are the most sophisticated, high-tech.These are two ma

in conditions - personnel and equipment - make it possible to carry out any, most complex operation.

Cancer Treatment in Israel not only to stop the disease, but also cure it completely, even in the latter stages.All patients who fall into the clinics of Israel with a terrible diagnosis, receive comprehensive care and complex treatment, which includes:

- full detailed diagnostics;

- various therapies;

- surgery if necessary.

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cancer diagnosis in Israel

In order to properly determine the stage of cancers, and then choose the most effective treatment, you must correctly diagnosis - Biopsy of the tumor.Only in Israeli hospitals biopsy is performed on modern, unique equipment developed by scientists of the country.

Types of cancer treatment in Israel

- operative surgery, during which the assigned operation to completely remove the malignancy;

- chemotherapy;

- radiation therapy;

- hormone therapy;

- radio surgery;

- stereotactic radio surgery;

- brachytherapy;

- method of gamma - knife;

- immunotherapy.

Israeli clinic ranks first in the world in the number of patients completely defeat cancer and in terms of the effectiveness of therapy.Only the doctors of this country managed to create such a method of treatment, when healthy tissue is not damaged.It is worth noting another important factor, speaking in favor of the choice of the Israeli hospitals - the cost of treatment by almost 2 times less than in other countries.

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