What are the indicators of radioactivity and what they do

dosimeters or radioactivity indicators - devices used to measure the power of ionizing radiation.These devices are now becoming very popular due to the environmental degradation around the world.Let us try to understand what exactly are the dosimeters and what their practical use.

Every day a growing number of industries that pollute the environment with toxic waste.Not only do we breathe them, but also to poison your body, eating, to put it mildly, environmentally unclean food.To take care of their health and live for many years without suffering from various diseases, you need time to detect the presence of radioactive substances in air, food and products.Here to help people come and portable dosimeters.Using them, you can quickly determine whether or not to stay in a particular room or drink purchased in the market potatoes.

Despite its compact size, Radeks 1706 and other dosimeters have a rich set of features and can compete with industry peers.Using them, it is possible not only to determine

the degree of contamination of food products and air but also various objects, such as automobiles.With radioactivity indicator, you can also choose the best places for recreation, not contaminated by various industrial wastes.This is very important, because now you can in almost every village come to the lake or the woods with high background radiation contamination.

You may think that a person traveling on vacation with a dosimeter and poking him in every roadside bush - crazy, but it's not.Imagine the situation: you are going the whole family for a picnic in the woods, barbecue grill there, relaxing and fun get home.But after a certain time, you and your household are beginning to fall heavily hair.And all the fault of that in a place where you rest, have someone buried industrial toxic waste.That's why much wiser not to expose themselves and their loved danger, and the time to define it by means of an indicator of radioactivity and by all means be avoided.