12 August

Scientists have proved the futility of surgery to remove the meniscus

Specialists of the University of Helsinki conducted long-term studies (2007-2013) on the efficacy of arthroscopic surgery to remove a meniscus that has been damaged due to age-related changes.Upon completion of testing, scientists have concluded that at the age of knee joint cartilage separation, an operation to complete or partial removal of the meniscus

not conducive to substantial improvement in the health of patients and can be replaced with physiotherapy and physical therapy.

According to Finnish researchers, non-invasive strategy will help in the future to exclude holding "useless" to remove a meniscus operation, of which there are about 10 thousand in Finland. A year, and in the United States about 500 thousand. Annually.All the results of carried out work have been published in the journal New England Journal of Medicine .

for research were involved 146 patients aged 35-65 years who have pain in the knee joints arose spontaneously, and not because of any traumatic impact.In addition, al

l the participants were subjected to magnetic resonance imaging and arthroscopy, in which a diagnosis of partial tear of the meniscus has been fully confirmed.

Prior to testing, all participants were divided into 2 equal groups e.Members of the first group had a partial meniscectomy - surgery to remove part of the meniscus.Participants in the second group had a complete simulation of the operation, but without the removal of the meniscus.In this case, neither the patients nor their serving medical staff did not know exactly who the meniscus removed, and where he spent only an imitation meniscectomy.

Over the next year, all participants completed a course of physiotherapy and physical therapy.In summing up the results of the experiment took into account the opinion of the patients regarding the improvements that have occurred since the operation.As it turned out, participants in both groups felt improvement in health status and were ready, if necessary, again undergo meniscectomy.Such an opinion was expressed by 93% of patients who issued meniscus removal and 96% of participants actually operated.

experts who conducted the tests, it is believed that the existing inefficient methods of surgical removal of a damaged meniscus in cases of degenerative changes of cartilage, to be replaced by modern methods of rehabilitation therapy.