12 August

electromagnetic radiation detector helps prevent Alzheimer's

Scientists in early December announced the upcoming revolution in the pharmaceutical market.the drug appears in the next five years, allowing to prevent the progression of Alzheimer's disease.The Telegraph wrote that the trial injection have shown a positive effect in patients with severe to moderate dementia.

believed that changes in the brain are fixed long before the first signs of the disease, so it will have to apply to the appearance of visible symptoms.

And while the drug being tested to prevent the development of the ailment is capable of electromagnetic radiation detector.The device, which was previously available only to professionals involved in such measurements can now be purchased by anyone.

The harmful electromagnetic background?

first electromagnetic radiation detrimental effect may not be felt, it can only detect electromagnetic radiation detector.The device is sensitive and even a faint background catch, because according to the latest research conducted by the constant impact of

electromagnetic waves on the human body leads to depletion and functional changes in brain activity.Subsequently may develop impotence in males, decrease in women of reproductive function, appearance tumors until tumor, memory loss, Parkinson's disease development and, finally, Alzheimer.

The worst thing is that the harmful effects bears a danger not only for the individual, who is close to the "fonyaschimi" devices, but also for his descendants as the electromagnetic radiation increases several times the risk of developing future generations of various congenital abnormalities.

What is the electromagnetic radiation detector?

portable device able to determine areas with increased adverse electromagnetic radiation that helps to organize the living or working space, reducing the harmful effects to a minimum.It may be necessary to ground sockets or screening instrument, creating an electromagnetic background.

This indicator is necessary for all who:

Do not forget about your health and the health of the people around them;

spend most of their time in front of a computer monitor;

planning to purchase a piece of land, but doubts the sellers claimed the environmental clean area;

Wants to verify the purchased apartment for the presence of an unfavorable background;

Wishes to detect and locate devices that emit electromagnetic waves.