12 August

Smoking and its effects , the effect of smoking on the body , passive smoking

annually from the dangers of smoking kills nearly 5 million people.By the way, The First World War claimed the lives of 6 million people, and the plague of London about one hundred thousand.From nicotine affects not only adult smokers, but also the elderly, children, even those who are not yet born.Is it worth it?Everyone should ask themselves this question myself ...

Effect of nicotine on the human body

During the smoking of a cigarette in the human body pressure increases dramatically, the pulse quickens and blood vessels constrict.In these moments of pleasure imaginary body is experiencing a real stress, which irreparably affects on human health.Changes occur not only in the cardiovascular system, every cell in the body suffers from all the harmful effects of this bad habit.

harm of smoking female body

woman posing for a beauty, but contrary to fashion, about half the beautiful half of humanity of childbearing age are not averse to smoke a couple sigaretok a day, maybe more.First, nicotine

degradiruyusche affects the reproductive system.No wonder the majority of abortions, complications during pregnancy and childbirth, it happens in smoking women, and infertility - "professional" disease every second smoker.

Each regular tightening - a blow to the attractive appearance and premature skin aging.With each year, the voice of a woman who smokes cigarettes, is coarser and hoarseness.It is understandable, nicotine irritates the oral mucosa, poisoning the human body decay products.All the "female" cigarettes, that would not say friends, bring even more harm than the classic "thick".

Moreover, each new cigarette you smoke is more and more dependent.And if six months ago, to satisfy his whim was enough only a few pieces, then today and the whole pack is not enough ... Unfortunately, this is a fact, which, however, does not stop a woman to smoke ...

harm of smoking on the human psyche

Smokers are more prone to stress and depression, they often found mental illness and eventually, "mischief" cigarette turns into a real phobia - remain without regular portions of nicotine.This dependence is similar to drug and substance abuse.

physical and psychological needs "smoke" becomes an obsession which prevents a person in everyday life, because all thoughts are directed at satisfying their addiction.Man lives "from cigarette to cigarette," and the usual joy has not brought the former pleasure.

Smoking during pregnancy

Women who smoke during pregnancy are often children are born with various pathologies.neonatal body weight slightly below the norm, and the kids who have to endure the bad habits mother suffer hypoxia, for this reason, the majority of infants are born with an increased intracranial pressure.Cardiovascular diseases, developmental abnormalities, retarded intellectually and other problems in children of smoking mothers, stretch train from birth to the sunset of life.

disease that causes nicotine

1. Cardiovascular disease.

2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

3. Infertility, impotence.

4. Respiratory system diseases.

5. Cancer.

6. Death.

Passive smoking

Another form of smoking.However, in this case, a person is forced by the smoker inhaling tobacco smoke.Cigarette smoke contains a huge amount of harmful substances such as arsenic, nicotine, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, hydrocyanic acid, resins and many others, the whole periodic table ...

Most often, children are passive smokers.And unfortunately, diseases such as allergies, asthma, frequent colds and bronchitis, allergies, lung infections and other cases, due to the fact that the parents smoke.Therefore, it is strongly recommended to protect children from tobacco smoke, and best of all - to quit.

Smoking affects everything - hair, nails, skin, all the organs of the body, even in appearance, you can determine whether or not the person smokes.Permanent fetid smell from the mouth, the hands, from the clothes and the hair, smoker's cough in the morning, yellow nails ... Is it worth it to ruin her beauty and youth, and above all, health for the sake of momentary pleasure?

How to quit smoking

In this case, we do not advise you to buy a tablet, patch or any other "panacea" to quit smoking.The most proven and effective way - to seek help from a specialist who will pick up an individual treatment plan and help get rid of the scourge.Remember that nicotine dependence is practically no different from drug addiction.All the same symptoms, the same thirst, the same dependence ...

was captured in tobacco can each, so the best way to get rid of it - not to start smoking, and if it is still there, how can quit the habit fasterotherwise then it will be too late.Live a full, rich life.Remember that your health is only in your hands!