12 August

It hurts the liver what to do ?

The liver is an important organ of human, since it is responsible for the removal of harmful substances formed as a result of eating.And if you have a sore liver, it is likely this is due to improper diet, a reaction to the receipt of drugs, or the use of excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages.

But in many cases, pain in the liver indicates the presence of serious diseases, the treatment of which will have to undergo a long course of therapy and rehabilitation. Primarily, such diseases include hepatitis, cirrhosis, tumor, abscess, and liver steatosis.In any case, if a person has for a long time hurts the liver, it should give full attention to diet and, of course, to visit a therapist.

liver hurts?We need to eat

People suffering from liver disease, you must think about proper nutrition.This also applies to those people who, for example, during the holidays too far with alcohol and "heavy" food for the body.It is necessary to observe just three rules:

- There is food in the baked and boiled;

- The salt content in processed foods should be no more than 12 grams per day;

- Completely excluded from the diet of fried foods and alcohol!

In addition to these rules, I would like to mention a number of dishes, use of which is recommended for people who are experiencing pain in the liver:

- Kashi based on cereals: oats, buckwheat, pshёnka, oatmeal;

- Boiled chicken meat;

- Milk, fruit and vegetable soups;

- fish with low fat (cod, saffron cod, pike);

- Pasta;

- wholemeal bread.

People who have hurt the liver, alcohol is strictly contraindicated and not recommended to eat:

- All meals with high content of vinegar;

- Legumes;

- Meat and fish with a high concentration of fat;

- Viennoiserie;

- Acute and fried foods;

- Chocolate and cocoa;

- Mushrooms in any form (salt, pickled, frozen, fresh);

- Confectionery;

- Smoked products;

- Ice cream;

- highly carbonated beverages;

- onion, sorrel and spinach.

liver hurts?Use of folk remedies

Some liver diseases are treated only medical drugs.In these cases, traditional medicine is only a supplement to the designated course of treatment, and is used in the absence of contraindications to the components used "handicraft" of drugs.But if you hurt the liver due to minor failures in its work caused by over-eating and drinking, then we can use the following folk remedies:

- Honey Pancake mix .For its preparation you need 1.5 liters of olive oil and 1.5 kg of honey.The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed with a mixer, with the addition of about 100 ml of lemon juice.The resulting tool must be stored unopened in the refrigerator.Take the mixture should be third times a day to 20 grams per half an hour before eating.Typically, severe pain in the liver subsides already on the 5th day of the reception of the mixture.This tool is recommended not only to people who have hurt the liver, but also for people with diseases of the duodenum;

- tea corn fibers.In this drink as the main curative ingredient used is not the fruit of corn, and the fibers are under the leaves of the cob.They need to collect, wash and boil in a container.This tool is used as an ordinary tea, without any restrictions;

- Broth celandine and daisies .This tool is used not only in the case where a human liver ache greatly, but also to reduce pain caused by hepatitis.To prepare the broth must take 20 grams of celandine and chamomile flowers to brew them in boiling water volume of 0.2 liters.Then, the infusion should be placed in a water bath to boil for 20 minutes and let stand for 1 hour.Before use, the broth is filtered.Means desirably take-in for 1 hour before meals third times a day.

order to avoid pain in the liver should adhere to proper diet, do not overload the body with alcohol and harmful drugs.Only in this case, a vital organ that is responsible for cleaning the whole body, will give you a smooth operation.