It hurts the liver , causes

The liver is an important organ for the body, it is very rarely sick, of liver disease is first signaled at all other symptoms.Which is why there is a strong pain in the liver?When she was greatly swollen, infected liver, poisoned or if you have heart failure.These are the main reasons that can cause pain.To understand the nature of pain is necessary to determine the symptoms of the disease and its character.Infection of the liver occurs due to contact with parasites.Most often, infection or inflammation of the liver develops hepatitis due.

Hepatitis divided into three groups: group A hepatitis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. The most common group of people get sick with hepatitis A is, they can become infected, taking contaminated runoff water or food.Hepatitis B is most often characteristic of drug addicts and homosexuals.The most dangerous - is hepatitis C is most commonly transmitted through blood transfusion during her, dangerous medical needles, and all the products that have the blood.

Separately, there is a toxic hepatitis, it occurs after a person has drunk a lot of antibiotics and medicines, especially those who take for hypertension.The most dangerous poison, because of which appears and develops hepatitis, is the abuse of alcohol.

What are the symptoms of pain in the liver?How not to confuse it with other pain?Pain in the liver has a unique character, it is a constant and aching, never sharp and dagger.It is felt in the depth of the right side, not on the surface of the abdomen.

discomfort immediately noticeable, it is constant, the pain is sudden and antispasmodic.Immediately check the liver when the pain came after:

1. you drank contaminated water (originated hepatitis A);
2. you made a transfusion (infected with hepatitis C);
3. toxic hepatitis (if you take a census of alcohol or any drugs);

4. used a contaminated needle (infected with hepatitis B);
5. also you very much darkened urine, and the skin is very yellowed.

you are likely to get sick with a form of hepatitis.

liver can disrupt your work, if in the gallbladder stones appeared.The disease most often occurs in people who are overweight, have a problem with flatulence or in women who use birth control pills.Before the emergence of an attack of severe pain bloating occurs first, after you have eaten.Then gradually develops acute pain that is accompanied by heavy sweating, fever, chills.It forms a pain in the right part of the body and hands in the back under the shoulder blade.Here we must not delay the campaign to the doctor.

Jaundice occurs when the hemoglobin breaks down very quickly and blocked ducts of the liver.The diagnosis of this liver disease can only be made on the basis of X-ray and blood tests.The list of drugs that can cause jaundice include such - Antibiotics - erythromycin, drugs against diabetes, steroids, antidepressants, testosterone, contraceptive pill.We must not forget that the liver different household cleaners can affect who inhale when cleaning the room in which there is no air.If jaundice occurs for no reason and no reason at all likely to have viral hepatitis, anemia, there were stones in the gall bladder.In case your skin gradually ceases to yellow, you develop swelling of the liver and cirrhosis.

How to find out whether or liver problems?

1. Look at your skin and eyes.If you saw the whites of his eyes yellowing, you have jaundice.
2. In cases of yellowing of soles, palms have started carotenemia.It can occur due to consumption of carrots, orange or green vegetables.
3. There was a pain in the right upper quadrant.
4. There was a bitter taste in the mouth.
5. lost interest in food.

So, if you find yourself with one of these symptoms.Be sure to consult your doctor, who should have evaluated and urgently prescribe a course of treatment.