Angulo - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Angulo, ie Zayed - a disease of the mucous membrane of the mouth corners that cause streptococci or yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida.Also, there are cases and mixed infections, and physicians call this infection angular stomatitis or angular cheilitis.

develops Angulo in corners of the mouth after frequent licking of lips and wetting them with saliva, which contains bacteria that inhabit the entire oral cavity.

As a result, it prevents the healing of small cracks, and even infects them.In most cases there perleches spring, so at this time is lowered immunity in humans, as well as decreasing consumption of active substances.

main causes of angulita

main cause of Zayed becomes gipominoz and beriberi, and especially lack of vitamin B2.Another disease can cause diseases that are associated with metabolism, including diabetes.However, doctors believe that the disease is the result of a secondary fungal infection.In addition, it becomes the cause of angulina HIV infection, malocclusion, whereby m

aceration of the skin occurs, and the corners of mouth mucosa, ie soaking fabrics saliva is observed, which leads to angulina.In addition to the emergence of this disease may lead antibiotics, cytostatics and corticosteroids.As a result of mechanical stimulation, that is, after incorrectly matched prostheses, due to lack of teeth or after the onset of occlusion after these changes can also lead to binding.Various allergic lesions in the mouth and teeth or carious unhealed poor hygiene in the oral cavity can also lead to the development angulita.

clinical picture of the disease

Kandidamikoticheskaya Zayed, which is observed in the corners of the mouth and that causes yeast-like fungus of the genus of Candida, characterized by a complete absence of crust and is present only crack, ie, slit-like erosion.This crack is almost not visible when the mouth is closed, but when you open its mouth very well seen.In many cases, the disease has become chronic, and then can occur when a person has low immunity or a lack of vitamins in the diet.

Strep Zayed is another kind angulita in which the bubble appears in the corners of the mouth.This bubble fades very quickly, and a crack in its place, that is slit-like erosion, which is then covered with a crust.Quite often by careless movement or during a meal, this crust is torn off, but it appears again.As for the common symptoms of the disease, the person with the Zayed hurt to talk, eat or wash.Patients complain of a burning sensation and itching, and after drinking acidic, spicy or salty foods such pain only intensified.In severe cases, patients may refuse to eat, because for them it is very difficult to even open his mouth.

disease diagnosis angulita

During diagnostics angulita this disease can easily be confused with herpes on the lips, which is why doctors recommend to take these tests as a smear from the oral cavity for the presence of streptococcus on herpetic infection and candidiasis.In addition, it is desirable to make the clinical analysis of urine, blood, and a consultation of the endocrinologist, internist, hematologist.And if the appearance of angulita associated with various mechanical damage, in this case, need to consult a dentist-orthopedist.

main treatment angulita in

corners of the mouth required treatment Zayed in the corners of the mouth should be started immediately at the first sign of the disease in order to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form, as in this case, the patient had severe pain during a meal or conversation.The treatment in the corners of the mouth Zayed includes the use of drugs such as Levorinum, Nystatin, Nizoral, fluconazole, terbinafine, and ketoconazole is used antibiotics that are prescribed for strep Zayed.Another appointed vitamins of group B, B2 and PP.In the topical treatment prescribed nystatin ointment, if the patient kandidamikoticheskaya Zayed appoint levorinovuyu 5% ointment, Lamisil cream, as well as borax solution in 20% glycerol.The skin around perleches should be cleaned with a disinfectant solution.

the treatment perleches in the corners of the mouth is not recommended to use a different oil solutions of vitamins E and A, as well as sea buckthorn oil in the acute stage.The most expedient to use these funds for the healing stage the wound.Even necessarily be carried out dental health.During the acute period is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking, from pickled and spicy food, and if the patient Candida Angulo, then it is not desirable to eat sweets.

Prevention angulita

in the prevention of this disease include oral hygiene, periodic examination by a dentist.It is advisable to eat to eat more of those foods that contain vitamins of group B, it can be bran, brown rice, nuts, legumes, avocados, green leafy vegetables, egg yolk, fish, poultry, cheese.