Herpetic stomatitis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

usual herpes virus may be the cause of many unpleasant diseases, including herpes stomatitis.Basically, the herpes virus gets into the human body at an early age and can be quite a long period of time not to declare itself.This disease is a lesion of the mouth.

Causes of herpetic stomatitis

If weakened immunity occurs initial infection with the herpes virus, the patient often develops an acute form of herpetic stomatitis.This disease shows a general deterioration of health, a significant increase in body temperature, headache, increased drowsiness, decreased appetite, there is a painful feeling of enlarged lymph nodes located under the jaw.They can also form a plurality of blisters on the inner surface of the cheeks, tongue, gums and other parts of oral cavity.

If time does not take action right treatment, the disease can easily go in the form of chronic herpetic stomatitis, which will be followed by periodic bursts of exacerbations.

symptoms of herpetic stomatitis in a child

Often, an acute form of herpetic stomatitis occurs in children between the ages of six months to three years.the incubation period at the time of initial contact with the infection can range from 2 to 21 days.Source of occurrence of stomatitis virus carrier is a conventional virus.The virus is most commonly ingested by children through the skin and mucous membranes, contact or air droplet paths.Onset of the disease process is usually rapid: the child often cries, refuses to eat, it has greatly enhanced salivation, and also appears halitosis.

children who already know how to talk, may complain of a severe headache, a burning sensation in the mouth, and nausea, which is caused by intoxication.On the third day after the onset of the disease in the mucosa of the mouth there is a lot of rashes similar to blisters filled with turbid fluid.

In mild form of herpetic stomatitis, the child is already four days passed disease.Ulcers that are formed on the ground burst eruption, epitelizuyutsya and markedly improves the general condition of the child.

form of severe herpetic stomatitis are often accompanied by severe intoxication of the body and necrotic oral mucosa.This form requires immediate of antiviral therapy, which is carried out in a hospital.

symptoms of herpetic stomatitis in adults

Unlike children herpetic stomatitis rarely occurs in adults, although its course is often very difficult.The disease can significantly worsen carious teeth in the oral cavity of an adult or increased gingival pockets.stomatitis also runs hard smokers and people who often damage the mucous membrane of spicy food, hot coffee, etc.

most susceptible to this disease the person who suffered in childhood acute viral stomatitis, and then on the background of a significant weakening of the protective functions of the body have occurred repeatedly recurrent herpetic stomatitis.Call exacerbation of chronic forms of stomatitis is simple hypothermia, a disease of acute respiratory viral infection, cancer and other diseases.

treatment of herpetic stomatitis

Despite the age of the patient, the treatment of acute herpetic stomatitis form should include mandatory antiviral therapy and the removal of all kinds of painful symptoms.The mucosa of the mouth should be regularly and thoroughly cleaned of emerging necrotic masses.For this patient is prescribed regular antiseptic mouthwash solution.For children it is recommended to clean the mouth with a special sterile cotton swab that is moistened in broth from herbs.In severe disease in children, all procedures are carried out exclusively in hospital settings.Doctors prescribe drugs that stimulate the immune system, as well as vitamins that contribute to rapid recovery, at the same time reduce the risk of recurrence of herpetic stomatitis.The oral cavity can be lubricated with anesthetic gels and antiviral ointments, such as oxolinic ointment 0.5 percent or 50 percent interferon ointment.At the end of the treatment is often used means of contributing to the rapid and effective healing, such as sea buckthorn oil.

In addition to medicines, effective methods that facilitate the course of the disease is excessive drinking, giving up all bad habits, as well as the refusal of admission fried and spicy foods.

Highly qualified specialists from the field of medicine is strongly recommended to consult your doctor at the first detection of any form of herpetic stomatitis, and try not to self-medicate, because the result may not always be successful, and the disease may become chronic.