Inhalation nebulizer with laryngitis

Laryngitis - this is a complex inflammatory process, which seriously affects the mucous membrane of the larynx.This pathology is developed after exposure to various pathogens, are bacteria and viruses.Most promote the development of hypothermia laryngitis, smoking, over-voltage vote, which is very often the case with the rectors or singers.And depending on the total area of ​​the lesion is diffuse or limited form of the disease, and the nature of the flow laryngitis is acute or chronic.

The clinical picture of the disease attracts attention slight fever, a violation of the general condition, the change in the blood, as well as a sore throat and shortness of breath due to spasm and edema of the larynx.Another patient may experience dry cough and hoarseness, and in some cases, the patient's voice may disappear altogether.But with proper treatment duration laryngitis does not exceed more than 10 days.

laryngitis inhalation nebulizer

various treatments are applied When laryngitis, which include the use

of dry heat to the outside of the neck, very frequent gargling using chamomile infusion, mucosal treatment with antiseptics, as well as inhalation.If appointed by pharmacological therapy, it is prescribed with antibiotics, antihistamines, corticosteroids funds, anti-inflammatory drugs that are prescribed in very severe disease.In addition, the patient is recommended to active therapy with a combination of traditional folk therapies.

should be noted that the basis for the treatment of laryngitis include inhalation, as they directly affect the respiratory tract mucosa.And that is why inhalation can effectively and rapidly diminish the inflammatory changes in the larynx, as well as destroy all pathogens, which significantly accelerates healing and reduces the severity of inflammation, as well as reduces the local reaction to inflammation.During pairs procedures rather deeply warms skin larynx, and all substances with medicinal properties that make up the liquid for inhalation exhibit a decongestant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

should also be noted that the use of such a procedure facilitates the flow of laryngitis, but there are a large number of contraindications for use in inhalation therapy in lesions of the larynx in children.In addition, there are situations in which to hold the inhalation for the treatment of laryngitis is prohibited because of the very severe condition of the patient, as well as due to the presence of certain chronic diseases of the body, it is heart disease and a tendency to bleeding.

pretty hard when inhaled adjust the most optimal temperature steam and high temperatures can trigger severe burns of the mucous membrane.In addition, the child is quite difficult to make several times a day over the breathing capacity of the hot steam.It is therefore used in treating children special ultrasonic inhalers or nebulizers work differs from conventional traditional devices.The main feature of inhalation via nebulizer is easy to use, because only need to fix the machine on the child's head during his sleep.As a result, the therapeutic agent is introduced slowly from the apparatus in the form of small clouds, and then exerts a beneficial effect upon inhalation of the child.

Inhalation home

conditions worth knowing that in acute laryngitis, when a patient develops a pronounced allergic swelling of the larynx and false croup, funds for such a procedure prescribed by the doctor only.Typically, these products contain in their composition antihistamines, mucolytic and vasoconstrictive components, moreover, in some cases, after the occurrence of a very serious condition need to introduce effective drugs in the form of special injections.

If the patient uncomplicated laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx as a result of a cold or due to a viral infection, it can be carried out independently and inhalation.All inhalation laryngitis, which have a mucolytic effect, already performed in the home by using soda, which must be dissolved in warm water.After baking soda perfectly it liquefies phlegm, and it promotes the most efficient of its removal and the removal of the organs of respiration.And for anti procedures are commonly used infusion of sage and chamomile.It is noteworthy that even this infusion can be taken inside.

Today for inhalation using a large number of medicinal herbs.However, the most pronounced therapeutic effect during laryngitis shows mint, anise, thyme, balm, and leaves of wild strawberry, currant, chlorophyllin, mother and stepmother.All these drugs can be brewed for independent use as a complete collection.However, use a collection of more than three herbs for inhalation is unacceptable, and in some cases, very dangerous.