Vesicular stomatitis - Causes, Symptoms , Treatment

Vesicular stomatitis is an acute infectious disease that occurs under the influence of vezilovirusa.At its penetration into the human body occurs lesion mucous membranes of the oral cavity, nasopharynx, and occasionally the skin of hands and feet with ulcerative lesions or the appearance of so-called vesicles.

This disease is transmitted to humans from mosquitoes, mosquitoes and farm animals, including those from cattle.Therefore risk largely fall farm workers and laboratories are in direct contact with infected animals.By geographical distribution vesicular stomatitis prevalent in China, India, the USA, Asia and some European countries.Typically, infection disease occurs in the hot season when humid climates.

RNA-containing virus or belongs to the genus vezilovirus Vesiculorus and part of the family Rabdoviridae zoonotic diseases.Infection with vesicular stomatitis occurs with physical contact, such as milking, slaughtering and cleaning of an infected animal, or through insects carrying the

infection, such as mosquitoes and gnats genus Phlebotomus genus Aedes.As mentioned previously, the greatest probability of infection among workers of agricultural sector (veterinarians, zoologists, technicians), as well as the staff of the various zoological parks and nature reserves for the care and maintenance of infected animals.

Symptoms of vesicular stomatitis

Most infections vesicular stomatitis recorded it in the summer, when for months dominated the hot weather, thereby activated numerous peddlers infections.

Symptoms of the disease is clearly manifested after the rash on the mucous membranes of the mouth (palate, gums, tongue, lips) or formations of painful vesicles.They are small ulcerative blisters filled with liquid.Similar formations can act on the surface of the legs, arms and buttocks.Vesicular stomatitis incubation period is 5 to 6 days.A sick person may feel chills, weakness and headache.In most cases, the disease is accompanied by a fever, runny nose, muscle aches, painful sensations in the throat.Therefore, the disease in its symptoms resemble the flu and colds.

Treatment of vesicular stomatitis

When the disease vesicular stomatitis affects the mucous membranes like the mouth, skin and other body coverings.Therefore, in the treatment of disease apply complex methods of therapy, including:

- Use of antiviral drugs group.First of all, they include oxolinic, tebrofenovaya riodoksolovaya and ointments.In combination with antiviral drugs treatment is prescribed hormonal drugs group.Their reception is possible only with the permission of the attending physician;

- Application antigerpevticheskih drugs such as "Acyclovir" and its variants "Famciclovir", "Valacyclovir" and "penciclovir."These drugs are available in the form of tablets and ointments;

- Rinse the affected membranes of the oral cavity with solutions of antiseptics ( "Suprastin", "pipolfen");

- Admission of drugs that strengthen the immune system during illness;

- Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

bit of statistics

show figures from official sources, this disorder often suffer from staff of veterinary institutions and laboratories involved in the detection, treatment and work with infected animals.According to statistics, 75% of workers of these trades had been ill with vesicular stomatitis.However, the spread of infection is possible even in small farms in contact with cattle.

hand, foot and mouth disease in children

practically not included adults in the risk of infection enteroviral vesicular stomatitis (EMU).They were small children can become infected.First of all, it's kids with weakened immune systems who have suffered acute respiratory infections.The causative agent of this disease is the Coxsackie virus A-16 (5,9,10) B1 and B3 - and enterovirus 71).They all belong to the genus of enteroviruses, and is transmitted by airborne droplets and fecal-oral route.It should be noted that the disease does not extend through the animal.The common people called EMU syndrome rash "hand-foot-mouth."This is due to the localization area of ​​ulcer formation.

Symptoms "child" EMU are similar to conventional vesicular stomatitis include fever (possible fever), irritability, lethargy, weakness, sore throat and loss of appetite.But unlike the vesicular stomatitis, "child" EMU does not require special treatment, and subject to certain rules of personal hygiene independently passes in 7-10 days.The only thing parents need to do so is to exclude child chat with other infected children and, of course, to see a doctor in a children's clinic, which will conduct the necessary diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

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