Hypoglycemia - Causes, Symptoms , treatment of hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia occurs when blood glucose levels below normal.Indicator normally ranges between 4-6 mmol / liter, diabetes rate increases, when hypoglycemia is sharply reduced.This indicates that a person has problems with many systemic organs.Especially need to pay attention to the brain because the glucose - the main nutrient for the brain cells.The brain sends a signal to the nervous system, is reduced when the blood sugar level, and then in the adrenals, because it is allocated adrenaline.

With this substance glycogen, which accumulated, begins to turn into glucose and sugar level rises.When glucose levels drop dramatically and there is hypoglycemia, brain functionality is broken.

Symptoms of hypoglycemia

First of all, when falls in blood sugar, adrenal glands and nerve endings adrenaline starts to separate.With it comes the stimulation and release of sugar from the body, thus appear alarming symptoms - increased sweating, tremors in the hands and feet, increased nervousness, there is a constant f

eeling of hunger, it quickens the heartbeat.In severe hypoglycemia, glucose no longer flow to the brain, because of this very dizzy, tangling consciousness, a person feels fatigue, weakness, severe headaches, it changes the behavior, the state similar to alcohol intoxication, the patient can not concentrate, heproblems with vision, epileptiform convulsions and coma.

During prolonged hypoglycemia greatly damaged brain, anxiety and impaired brain functionality of a sudden have a character, it can be detected as a slight discomfort or severely awry consciousness, panic attacks occur.Most often, it is typical for people who receive insulin or diabetes medications that can help reduce blood sugar levels.

If hypoglycemia occurs because of insulinoprotsidiruyuschey tumor in the pancreas, the symptoms are most likely to occur in the morning, after a person is starving at night, especially when the person does not eat and do exercises, so allstocks of sugar from the blood are exhausted.
tumor of this nature initially does not have all the symptoms of hypoglycemia, the symptoms become more frequent in a few months.

causes of hypoglycemia

The disease occurs due to excessive secretion of insulin by the pancreas, if the insulin dose is high, can be broken functionality adrenal and pituitary glands, the liver impaired carbohydrate metabolism.

Hypoglycemia has two types, so that associated with drugs and unrelated.Drug hypoglycemia is typical for people who suffer from diabetes.Hypoglycemia, which is not connected with taking drugs, there is often an empty stomach, after prolonged fasting.Reactive hypoglycemia character acquires after eating some food, often after carbohydrate intake.

lowers blood sugar levels can due to drugs - sulfonylurea, which are assigned to patients with diabetes.In cases of high drug doses significantly reduces blood sugar level.This is because cells in the pancreas glyukogan not produced, and do not produce fully adrenal epinephrine.Two types of hormones play an important role in protection against hypoglycemia.

In some cases, decreases in blood sugar levels due to a mental disorder.

severe hypoglycemia are people with alcohol intoxication that abuse addictions, and malnourished because of this regime is not enough carbohydrates in the liver.

Rarely hypoglycemia can occur in people who have worked long and hard, because of the long-term diets.

Some liver diseases can lower blood sugar levels when upset liver enzyme system which is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

Hypoglycemia occurs in people who have had stomach surgery, because the sugar begins to be absorbed quickly, thus stimulates the production of insulin.

In young children there is reactive hypoglycemia, due to the fact that the child used products, which include fructose, galactose.Because of this glucose is not output in the liver and reduces blood sugar level.

disease occurs due to problems with the kidneys and heart, malignant tumors, malnutrition, anaphylactic shock and severe infections.Strongly affects the liver due to viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, it causes hypoglycemia.

diagnosis of hypoglycemia

When developing symptoms of hypoglycemia, it is necessary to take a blood test for sugar.The symptoms occur when the level falls greatly.

It is very important to take the oral sample, measure the sugar level using a glucometer.

To exclude pancreatic tumors performed CT scans, MRI and ultrasound.


hypoglycemia symptoms may disappear after the patient eats something sweet - candy, drink fruit juice, milk, glucose tablets or take a few tablespoons of water with sugar.

best to hypoglycemia eat sugar with a meal that contains carbohydrates medlennovsasyvayuschiesya - biscuits or bread.In severe hypoglycemia and chronic administration of sugar, doctors can enter glucose intravenously to protect the brain from damage.

Those who develop severe symptoms of hypoglycemia, must always be glyukogan protein hormone which is produced by means of glucose in the liver.

tumor in the pancreas must necessarily be removed.To guard against hypoglycemia need to monitor their diet, for this you need to eat right - small portions, and more than three times a day.

So, hypoglycemia should be diagnosed in time to appoint during the treatment and did not run the disease.