Hyperglycemia - Causes, Symptoms , treatment of hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia occurs when blood glucose levels are above normal.Normal blood glucose is from 3 to 5 3, 5 mmol / l.The term easily translated from davnegrecheskogo language - over sweet blood.The disease can occur due to a variety of disorders, most often in case of problems with the endocrine system and diabetes.Hyperglycemia has different forms - mild, moderate and severe.In mild index slightly increases from 6 to 10 mmol / l, with an average of form 10 to 16 mmol / l, is a severe form of substantial increase in the index of greater than 16 mmol / l.

If the glucose level rises more than 16, 5 mmol / l, can occur predkomatoznoe state if the rate exceeds the limit to 55, 5 mmol / l gipersmolyarnuyu person falls into a coma.

Diabetics suffer from two forms - fasting hyperglycemia and postprandial.After eating rate exceeds 10 mmol / L, if the patient did not eat more than 8 hours, it increased to 7 glucose, 2 mmol / l.

Causes of hyperglycemia

Often these changes are a consequence of the action of the

hormone insulin.If it is missing or does not interact with cells in the body can occur an excess of sugar.

main reasons due to which the developing hyperglycemia are:

1. Stressful situations.

2. Disorder in the diet.

3. Diabetes.

4. Influence of some medicinal drugs.

Diabetes is not only a cause, because of which disease develops, it occurs due to violations in the endocrine system, thus becomes chronic hyperglycemia.When glucose levels increased after meals, the patient can only feel very tired.But if the disease progresses, it begins to break down processes in the formation of glucose and fasting hyperglycemia occurs, the patient feels unwell, he has a number of symptoms that are characteristic of diabetes:

1. Severe fatigue.

2. Weakness and constantly tends to sleep.

3. Emergence of tinnitus.

4. Abdominal pain.

5. Thirst.

6. The person suffers frequent urination.

If the disease is complicated, all the above symptoms joins - lethargy, shortness of breath, impaired vision, pain in the heart, coma develops.

Hyperglycemia may occur due to non-compliance with the diet.Often this happens because of nerves, when a person has no control over how much and what kind of food he ate, then he begins to gain weight fast, gets a lot of calories than he can.Thus only simple and complex carbohydrates present in its diet.

frequent cause of hyperglycemia are stressful situations.

increases the level of glucose can have people who are ill with myocardial infarction, stroke.Hyperglycemia occurs after suffering an infectious disease or inflammation that can provoke work kontrinsulinovyh endogenous hormones.This disrupted the natural regulation of blood sugar.

Hyperglycemia is also a side effect after taking certain drugs - rituximab, thiazide diuretics, protease inhibitors, corticosteroids, antidepressants.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia

always pronounced three signs of hyperglycemia:

1. Polydipsia.

2. Weight loss.

3. polyuria.

Polydipsia excessive thirst, polyuria occurs when a person has frequent urination.

also may occur fatigue, blurred vision in hyperglycemia.Patients do not heal wounds, scratches, cuts, mouth appears dry, the skin is dry and severely itchy.Symptoms of hyperglycemia include arrhythmia, slow flow of infectious diseases such as candidiasis and otitis media.They are very hard to treat.
breath when hyperglycemia is a deep, rare and noisy, it speaks of severe metabolic acidosis.

In the acute form of hyperglycemia impaired consciousness arises ketoacidosis, coma, dehydration.

treatment of hyperglycemia

If the first symptoms urgent need to measure the level of glucose in the blood, the people who depend on the administration of insulin, the rate can be higher than 14 mmol / L, it is very dangerous and critical state.In this situation, an urgent need to inject insulin, and as much as possible to use the liquid.After each

2 chasa need to measure the level of glucose, insulin is administered as long as normalized index.In case of deterioration of the condition of the patient, an urgent need to call an ambulance, because acidosis may occur and disrupt breathing in hyperglycemia.

have insulin-dependent people need to neutralize the acidity of the body, it needs to eat fruits, vegetables, mineral water, soda solution.

If skin dryness and roughness gained, it is necessary to grind the patient with a damp cloth, especially on the forehead, neck, wrists and behind the knees.

Hyperglycemia is a consequence of serious diseases, because the treatment is based on eliminating the causes that caused it.To do this, you need to regularly monitor blood glucose levels, the analysis is very important to carry out on an empty stomach or after a meal.

the treatment of hyperglycemia has arisen due to diabetes need to use injections, which contain insulin via they can reduce the blood sugar level.Also, when hyperglycemia is very important to follow a special diet to control calorie intake, how many carbs you have taken in food, as the treated water can be used longer and do not forget for a set of special exercise.

So hyperglycemia indicates that disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, it is caused by different diseases, most often it occurs because of diabetes mellitus, may occur due to the fact that a person is abusing sweet, is constantly in stressful situations.Reactive Hyperglycemia can occur after a stroke, trauma, myocardial infarction.It is very important to control blood sugar levels in hyperglycemia because significant deviations from the norm indicators can have very serious consequences for the person.