Whipple's Disease - Causes, Symptoms , Diagnosis and Treatment

Whipple's disease is a very rare disease that affects the small intestine, as well as some internal organs.That is why some doctors forget about the existence of this disease.However, this disease is with good competent treatment gives a favorable outcome.Intestinal lipodystrophy usually occurs in men, and the average age of them is close to 50 years, but still Whipple's disease is capable of hitting even the young people.

Causes of Whipple's disease

Many modern scholars believe that this disease is caused by certain types of Bacillus genus Tropheryma whippelii, which penetrate quickly accumulate and multiply in the body's immune cells, ie macrophages.A healthy people and destroy such cells absorb all infectious agents, but in this case bacilli still remain intact.Further macrophages accumulate in the intestinal mucosa, that is, it infiltrate.This significantly reduces the absorption of digested by digestive enzymes in the blood substances.Their transportation is interrupted by another level of th

e small intestine, which is why in the mucous membrane of the fat droplets are formed, that is happening lipodystrophy.And they aggravate various changes more suction proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals.Next, the process moves to the mesenteric lymph nodes, and then on the lymphatic system, he gets to other organs, it is the joints, miokrd, pleura, pericardium, brain.But in individual patients more involved bowel or other organs.

Symptoms of Whipple's disease

most classic version of the intestinal lipodystrophy comprises three successive stages, this stage of extra-intestinal manifestations, for it is a step malabsorption substances in the intestine, and is the latest stage of multiple organ manifestations, that is, suffering multiple organ.Initially, the patient patient has symptoms such as fever, occur carryover pain in several joints, that is present in 75% of patients, and in some cases they have swollen joints, the skin over the joints is red, there is a fever, muscle pain, is an increase in lymph node groupsthat is, a painful condition to preserving mobility.

A little later, after a 1-2 start to the year manefestirovat intestinal symptoms, and as a result of disorders of absorption of food necessary for the body components of the patient developing metabolic disorders.As a result, the patient start to disturb up to 10 times per day diarrhea, the stool character has a foam with higher fat and becomes light brown.In some cases, appears tarry stool disorders occur if vitamin K absorption, thereby reducing the development of blood clotting and bleeding.Another patient comes bloating, cramping umbilical arise, there is a progressive weight loss, there are all signs of a lack of minerals and vitamins, there is growing fatigue of small loads.In addition, the patient may present nausea and loss of appetite.

After the third stage of the patient may be present, and other health problems, and their character is determined by the localization of all the organs affected by illness.As a result, the patient develops a variety of damage to the heart muscle and valves, neurological disorders, inflammation of the pleura, or bronchitis, appear inflammation structures and various membranes of the eyes, developing memory loss, insomnia, dementia, subcutaneous hemorrhage, gray-brown pigmentation, as well as a persistent drop in bloodpressure.

Treatment of Whipple's disease

When the doctor determines the exact diagnosis, it starts to comprehensive treatment.Another patient must understand that the treatment of this disease takes a lot of time, that is not less than a year, so take some patience.A brief and chaotic use of different pills can only exacerbate the difficult situation and cause relapses, ie resumption of Whipple's disease.It is worth to know that intestinal lipodystrophy treatment includes high-protein diet, where a limited amount of fat, for example, it is recommended to eat lean meat, river fish, chicken breast, egg whites, buckwheat and oatmeal, dairy products, and some very depleted patients administered even artificialfood, which comprises a mixture of specific and intravenous solutions.Additionally, antibiotics are prescribed, it penicillins, tetracyclines, rifampitsilin, with a long course, and a doctor prescribes antimicrobial agents, hormones, which are necessary in serious cases, and vitamins A, B, and D, formulations potassium, iron and magnesium.

If there is an adequate treatment, the body temperature quickly returned to normal, diarrhea is reduced virtually to the end of the week.However, joint pain will regress during the month.Such a good speaker is not signal the end of treatment.All patients must be kept under careful medical supervision.To determine the true cause of the disease require repeated numerous studies biopsies.