Erythema nodosum - treatment of folk remedies

Erythema nodosum may appear as an independent disease, but it may be the cause of some other disease.The outcome of the treatment of erythema nodosum depends on what were the reasons for its occurrence, it depends on how to heal.Most erythema nodosum is the result of the fact that diseases such as flu and bronchitis were transferred.

manifested erythema nodosum as a rash on the front of the thighs, calves, and sometimes even on the hands.Erythema disease that affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue capillaries, so it causes severe pain symptoms.Traditional medicine uses to treat the disease antibiotics, but in rare cases, even hormones.

Erythema nodosum - treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of folk remedies can greatly reproach your recovery with erythema nodosum, in the case if you use it in conjunction with medication.


In such cases, for the treatment of erythema nodosum used adaltogeny.Adaltogeny - a plant, folk remedies, which are able to adapt the organism to various stressful situati

ons.Thus, these plants contribute to a speedy recovery.Such folk remedies include: lewisia, ginseng, rodiolurozovuyu, Chinese magnolia vine and others.


To prepare tinctures, these plants or any of these folk remedies for the treatment of erythema nodosum need to grind in a coffee grinder.After that, they need to pour vodka or diluted to forty degrees with alcohol in proportions of one to ten.Then it is necessary to press all for two weeks in the dark.Drink it all at twenty, twenty-five drops two to three times per day before meals.Drink this remedy is best in the morning.But if this is not possible, then no later than six hours, because of this, can disrupt sleep.In case you are suffering from hypertension, it should not take twenty drops, and ten.


also relieve inflammation of the black elderberry flowers, birch leaves and willow bark.All this should be crushed one by one and mix.One teaspoon of this mixture to pour a glass of boiling water.After that, the mixture should be kept on low heat for about two minutes and let stand for about an hour.This infusion to drink for three doses throughout the day.Drink it should be a folk remedy before a meal.


composition of succession, knotweed, bittersweet nightshade, and golden rod.It has a special allergen activity.Herbs need to mix in equal proportions.And then do everything as well as the last broth.In addition, these herbs can be mixed individually or drink each.

Remember to find a treatment of erythema nodosum and cure it, you can.But it should be prevented erythema nodosum.To this end, it is important to avoid overcooling of the body and strengthen the immune system.A great action for the prevention of a douche and immunostimulatory infusions.In addition, you can make even a simple tea is an excellent antimicrobial agent.To do this, simply add the sprigs of raspberries and a little shredded ginger.