Flatulence - Treatment and Symptoms

Flatulence is not a dangerous disease, rather, delivering some discomfort with their symptoms.The symptoms of bloating can be very different, however, for the treatment of flatulence is better to use tips to prevent and folk remedies.

Flatulence - symptoms

One reason bloating symptoms - Air swallowing (aerophagia), which is especially great at chewing gum and eating too fast.Makes a significant contribution to the list of causes symptoms of bloating and fizzy drinks, which are carbonated with carbon dioxide.Trapped in the digestive tract of the gas is released through the mouth (regurgitation), and anus.

The most common cause of bloating symptoms may be part of the food.Is helped rich in dietary fiber products of vegetable origin (beans, cabbage, bran), which carbohydrates are not completely digested in the small intestine, but fermented in the colon by bacteria living there, which leads to the formation of a large amount of gases.The same thing happens when lactose intolerance (milk sugar);some few

people required for this enzyme lactase.Lactose is also fermented by intestinal bacteria, enhancing the gassing and is the cause of flatulence.Usually nothing serious for flatulence is not:.. A "functional disorder", ie a temporary malfunction of the digestive system, which delivers only a small discomfort and quickly.

Flatulence - treatment of folk remedies

People's treatment of flatulence and its symptoms

Papaya for the national treatment of symptoms of bloating

Dr. Yvonne Tyson from Long Beach (Calif., USA) suggests using papaya (papaya).Enzymes from its fruit promote digestion, helping absorb carbohydrates, which otherwise are fermented by intestinal bacteria to produce gases.papaya preparations are different, so that the dosage was determined according to the package directions.Usually it takes one or two tablets after meals for the treatment of symptoms of flatulence.

Fennel - a folk remedy for treating flatulence

It has long been known carminative.It soothes the intestines, helping to release gases imperceptible small portions.It is recommended to take each time you eat 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds, which should be carefully chew to get rid of bloating symptoms.

Carminative fees for the treatment of symptoms of bloating

William Keller, head of the pharmaceutical department Samfordskogo University of Birmingham (Ala., USA), advises to drink between meals anise-fennel tea.Make it simple.Pour cup of boiling water 1-2 teaspoons anise seeds and / or fennel and leave for 10 minutes.You can use other carminative fees: chamomile, ginger, mint.

Peas - folk remedy for symptoms of flatulence

Bean rightly considered "music" foods because they contain the carbohydrate raffinose.Oddly enough, not everyone in the small intestine enough enzymes to digest it.Pairwise carbohydrate enters the large intestine, where it accepted for the bacteria that produce so much tearing of gas will.A similar fate at KoƧ and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus and whole grains, while raffinose them smaller.

However, legumes are not our enemies, and in the treatment of symptoms of flatulence.They have a lot of fiber, which lowers cholesterol, and calcium strengthens bones, so that they protect us from heart disease, fractures, and even colon cancer.In addition, these low in fat and high in protein, i.e.it is, in principle, healthy food.It is only important to correctly use it.Pick the best for themselves beans, which can be used for symptoms of flatulence.These products are similar to each other, but not identical, says Eugene Oliveri, a gastroenterologist from Milford.The response to individual pulses in humans.Each of us has one product variety produces more gas than the other.What causes flatulence one person reduces the gas separation at the other.It is necessary to try out different options and choose the best that suits you.

Fiber at the national treatment of flatulence and its symptoms

If raffinose and lactose were the only sources of bloating symptoms, the problem would be solved quite simply.However, any food that is high in fiber, - a source of gas-forming carbohydrates.At the same time, it prevents constipation, and some forms of cancer of the stomach and intestines of other symptoms disorders, so do not give up on fiber.According to experts, it we need 25-35 grams a day.To get such a dose, start the day with porridge (not rice) or cereal bran and in the evening to five times, treat yourself to vegetables or fruit, and if necessary, use the special nutritional supplements.But the digestive tract, are not accustomed to such pressures, to cope with all this is not easy.

milk for symptoms of flatulence - national treatment

If milk you bloating symptoms appear - it is normal.All people, as well as other mammals are born with a lot of lactase, an intestinal enzyme that digests milk sugar - lactose.Approximately 75% of the people on the ground sharply reduces its isolation after three - five years.As for the remaining 25%, the theory says that a thousand years ago their ancestors lived where there was a lot of dairy cattle, - in Northern Europe, Central Africa and the Middle East.Therefore, they remain useful gene mutation, allowing you to save and calmly lactase to digest milk until old age.For this minority, any dairy food is not a problem even in the treatment of flatulence, says Dr. Sawaya, one of the world's leading experts on lactose intolerance.And the rest of it can cause excessive flatulence symptoms, flatulence and even diarrhea.However, lactose intolerance is not a disease, and treatable.

Indeed, research by Dr. Sawaya convinced him that this shortcoming is easily avoidable, even in those it hurts badly.The good news for people who receive little warning calcium osteoporosis, which is so rich in dairy products."The symptoms of lactose intolerance occur three times more often if you drink milk on an empty stomach," - said Dr. Sawaya.A good option - add it to cereal or cereal.Skim milk is better: whole not increases flatulence, but it is rich in fat, so less useful.

Enzymes - assistant in the treatment of flatulence

If symptoms of bloating due to lack of lactose, then you can not give up dairy products, and take with them the preparation of this enzyme.Such an additive allows lactose digest before it reaches the large intestine, even in the treatment of flatulence.Similarly, one can safely have peas and other pulses in the treatment of flatulence when simultaneously receiving the enzyme preparation of alpha-galactosidase, which allows to absorb indigestible carbohydrates normally, thereby preventing excessive gassing.

Train digestive symptoms for prevention of flatulence

Effusing gas colon microflora incredibly adaptable, explains Dr. Sawaya."If you gradually increase the dose in the diet of milk, bacterial community changes so that will successfully cope with lactose. This practice reduces the risk of a lot of flatulence caused by this sugar."Studying the process of adaptation, Dr. Sawaya first provoked people with lactose intolerance its high dose and measured the gas separation.Naturally, it is increased.Then he put them on a diet, starting with three times a day, a cup of milk (for food), within 10 days, gradually increasing the dose by half.After another 10 days, repeated provocation lactose."Excess gas is not formed, -utverzhdaet scientist -. It was no more than the lactose free diet They have learned to digest this sugar.".

Practise yourself, says Dr. Sawaya.When the body adapts, you can safely enjoy low-fat dairy products.

  • Yogurt: the simplest way out."Bacteria Yogurt contains a lot of the enzyme lactase (to digest lactose), so this product is great for those who can not tolerate milk," - says Dr. Sawaya.Indeed, he gave the test to half a liter of yogurt at once - and no symptoms of flatulence.According to him, it fits any brand with a vibrant culture.However, frozen yogurt - is another matter."This is a different product, usually a little different from normal milk ice cream" - says Sawaya.
  • Enzyme supplements.If its not enough lactase, you can buy it for the treatment of flatulence."Mixed in milk or take before meals, and do not be afraid of flatulence," - says Dr. Sawaya.This nutritional supplement is sold in the dietary shops.Manual - on the label.
  • milk without lactose.If possible, buy dairy products, pre-treated with lactase, iewith pre-digested lactose.Look at the ingredients list on the packaging the words: "The enzyme lactase."
  • "Gentle" dairy products in the treatment of flatulence.In the solid cheese is very little lactose.For those who can not tolerate it, is also suitable milk chocolate: cocoa and sugar slows down digestion in the small intestine, and it is time to break down almost all the "musical" Sugar.The same property has a combination of fat and sugar in ice cream, maybe it does not threaten you flatulence.However, the extra calories and fat - not the best option, warns Dr. Sawaya.

People prevention of symptoms of bloating

  • When I eat, I am deaf and dumb.To swallow less air while eating and to help themselves in the treatment of flatulence, it is not necessary to speak, when food is in your mouth and chew and swallow should slow down.
  • Less dairy products with frequent symptoms of flatulence.If puchit from milk, it could be lactose intolerant.Then you should eat less of these foods.
  • Down gum in the treatment of flatulence.Passion for chewing gum is fraught with aerophagia, belching and flatulence.The same applies to the candies.Should limit their consumption.
  • Drinks without gas.Carbonated beverages, including beer, is filled with digestive tract carbon dioxide.It should not be overused.

Treating the symptoms of flatulence folk remedies - herbal infusions and decoctions

  • fruits of mountain ash - 4 pieces, mint leaves - 3 pieces, fennel seeds - 3 parts, valerian root - 2 parts.1 tbsp.l.mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 40-60 minutes, then strain.Take 0.5 cups 2 times daily for the treatment of flatulence.
  • fennel, peppermint and valerian root to take in equal parts.1 tbsp.l.collection pour into a thermos and pour 300 ml of boiling water.Let it brew.Take 0,5 cup 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals in the form of heat when the symptoms of flatulence.
  • 1 tbsp.l.comminuted seeds (or leaves) Dill pour 1.5 cups of boiling water, to insist in a sealed container 2-3 hours, then drain.Drink 0.5 cups in 30 minutes before meals 3 times a day for the treatment of symptoms of flatulence.
  • 2 h. L.crushed fennel seeds and herbs infuse for 10 minutes in 400 ml of boiling water in a sealed container, then strain.Take 100 mL for 30 minutes before a meal three times a day for treatment of flatulence.
  • 2 tbsp.l.Carrot seeds pour 300 ml of boiling water and infuse for 12 hours. The broth to make a hot 3 times a day with abdominal distension and bloating symptoms.
  • If you want to get rid of the symptoms of bloating once and for all, you will grind to a powder wormwood.
  • Soak the seeds in water plantain 12 hours.The resulting mass is to take 1 teaspoon in the morning before eating in the treatment of flatulence.

treatment of symptoms of flatulence on prescription medicine men

People's treatment of the symptoms of flatulence on prescription Yury Longo

  • from symptoms of flatulence help such simple means: cook dessert spoon of anise seeds and a dessert spoon of this honey in a glass of water, drink it onseveral times per day, 1-2 tablespoons.
  • adds little to eat wormwood powder.This should be done regularly, every day - morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Drink in the morning on a tablespoon of psyllium infusion in the treatment of flatulence.
  • If symptoms of flatulence is a constant shortness of breath, helps infusion of violet leaves with two cups a day.
  • If gases were suddenly coming to the heart, it is necessary to put the patient an enema of 3-4 glasses of water, adding water, camomile tea.After an enema to lie on his stomach, put a bubble with hot water.
  • If due to symptoms of flatulence stool became fetid, warm drink on an empty stomach rather weak eucalyptus tea to disinfect the stomach and intestines.He's harmless.After 3-4 days, repeat.
  • In addition, we must often put an enema, and after a meal to take on the tip of a knife magnesia.Do not eat radishes, cabbage, eggs.Sometimes
  • bloating symptoms are what the colon from the small adjudged not completely digested food - sugar, starch that causes fermentation.We must try to do more movements, requiring repeated bending of the trunk.It also helps a good infusion of mint for treating flatulence.

Flatulence national treatment on prescription Ural healer Ivan Prokhorov

  • Drink 1 cup of raw potato juice in the morning on an empty stomach.Upon receipt of the juice have to lie in bed for half an hour.After an hour for breakfast.So do ten consecutive days.Then ten days, skip and repeat the treatment again.Second time to miss ten days, and the third time to repeat the treatment.
  • there in the morning raw potatoes - 1-2 size of a hen's egg, steeping it from evening to morning in the raw water, changing the water several times to remove nitrates.Cut into slices and eat without salt for the treatment of symptoms of flatulence.
  • sweet flag root heals stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, as well as liver and kidney.One tablespoon to insist in half a liter thermos for 10-12 hours.You can boil 5-7 minutes.Drink half a cup for 30 minutes before eating.

Flatulence - treating the symptoms with the help of yoga

Energy breathing in the treatment of flatulence

Breath "bellows" - Bhastrika.Starting position - sitting with your back straight, hands on knees, or standing with his hands down.You can keep your hands on your hips.Breathing consists of a series of sharp exhalations through the work of the diaphragm.This chest makes a powerful, rhythmic movements of the type bellows.Beginners should perform for 10 breaths, and then quietly inhale and hold your breath for 7-14 seconds.Repeat 7 breaths, then 5. After each cycle, inspiratory delay is required, to avoid hyperventilation.If you have a practice can increase the number of breaths in a cycle of 32 or more with a mandatory breath holding at inspiration by 32 seconds.

Breathing Technique for symptoms of flatulence:

  • index finger of the right hand hold the right nostril and do the exercise as described above.
  • Put your right thumb on the right nostril, and the average - to the left.The index finger is in the area between the eyebrows.Open the left nostril, exhale;closing the left and right nostril opening - breath.
  • Breathe occurs spontaneously during the change of closing fingers.Then repeat the exercise rhythmically opening and closing the nostrils, leaving a pause for spontaneous breaths.This option is recommended to perform the breathing exercise several times after washing the nose, especially during the cold season.

Practical use: recover the nose, throat and other respiratory organs, asthma and pulmonary tuberculosis.Exercise promotes the appearance of a good appetite.

Yoga believe that Bhastrika eliminates diseases arising from excess mucus, bile and gas;warms the body, cleanses the energy channels of the body, it contributes to the rise of the Kundalini Shakti - a special vitality, located in a latent (dormant) state to the base of the spine area.If flatulence treatment of folk remedies used very broadly, we can say even massively.All this is due to the fact that these recipes, these can be used absolutely everyone from babies to gray and the elders, because they have no side effects or contraindications, or their popularity would decrease significantly.Under this kind of recipes you will always find a lot of appreciative comments, which were written by people who use the data means.At the same time, most people find it even more effective than traditional means.