Mastalgia - treatment of folk remedies

mastalgia - quite a common disease that brings a lot of inconvenience.Treatment may be either drugs and folk remedies.

mastalgia - treatment of folk remedies - less salt

As just mentioned, the sodium (as sodium chloride - is its chloride) keeps the water in the body, which is fraught with swelling of the whole body, including the breasts."At the same time, many women just before menstruation pulls on salty - says Benedetti.- They lean on crisps and tinned cucumbers, and as a result worsen their problems. "

If you are unable to resist such temptation, do not try to buy such products or reduce their dose for the treatment of mastalgia.

Less caffeine for treating mastalgia folk remedies

Apparently, the stimulant present in coffee, tea, cola and chocolate, increases the sensitivity of the breast to estrogens.Although the accumulated data is ambiguous, at least in some cases, refusal of caffeine at one and two months leading to a weakening of mastalgia.In a study conducted by the Medical College o

f Michigan State University in East Lansing, compared women who do not consume it and receiving more than 500 mg daily (equivalent to about four cups of coffee).In the second group, the risk of pain and seals in the mammary glands was two and a half times higher.Refusal of caffeine led to a weakening of symptoms by 60-65%.

Try to refrain from it for a month - see if your condition improves."After treating mastalgia many women can drink a cup of coffee back in the day, without any consequences, - says Dr. Di Palma.- Some are forced to go without caffeine only in the second half of the menstrual cycle. "

If you abuse of coffee, then maybe rejecting it, or even limits the daily dose is sufficient for the complete disappearance of mastalgia.

Lifestyle changes to treat mastalgia

To alleviate mastalgia, and its treatment, some women should reconsider not only food, but also other aspects of their lifestyle.Perhaps the change will give you a hard time, but they will benefit not only breast cancer, but the body as a whole.First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • Normal weight.If too much body fat, it may be unnecessary in the blood circulating estrogens."Adipose tissue acts as an additional female endocrine gland - says Dr. Rose.- It produces and stores estrogen, which stimulates breast swelling. "In addition, the researchers noted a link between weight gain after menopause and increased risk of breast cancer.For the calculation of normal weight, there simple formula, but it is difficult to use without a calculator.In principle, it is quite enough following a rough estimate.If your height is 150 cm, you need to weigh about 45 kg.For each additional centimeter of growth, add 1 kg.If you have a "big bones", throw another 10% if the constitution is fragile, subtract them.
  • Fitness."Women who regularly do aerobics (.. In a broad sense, ie exercises that increase breathing rate and heart rate), less likely to suffer from premenstrual symptoms, including mastalgia", - said Dr. Roses.It is enough for 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

If classes reinforce mastalgia symptoms, try to trim more sparing exercises until you feel better.In particular, from running breast may hurt more.Try to replace it with swimming, walking or cycling.

mastalgia - treatment of folk remedies - liver stimulation

At first glance, with breasts the liver is not connected.However, there are other opinions."In my practice, I have found that the problems of women's breasts are often a symptom of liver bad work", - says Dr. Stansbury.Herbalists believe: bitter roots, stimulating the body and digestion in general, benefit from the pain and seals in the mammary glands, normalizing levels of circulating hormones."When the liver is all right, she quickly removes their surplus," - says Dr. Stansbury.

stimulate this organ folk remedies snap.Mix equal parts of dandelion root, burdock, Oregon Grape, and curly dock.Add a little flavor to licorice, fennel seeds, dried orange peel, dried ginger rhizome or crumbled cinnamon sticks.Brew 1 teaspoon of the resulting mixture into 1 cup boiling water, leave for 15 minutes.Strain off the thick and accept at least 3 cups a day.

Free bra for the treatment of mastalgia

When sore breasts, wearing such clothes, which will not allow them to droop, but will not push.It is best to choose a sports bra with a wide elastic band at the back.Buy this thing is necessary when the maximum swollen breasts.Trying on a bra, walk around it to see how it keeps them on the move.

Changing the diet to treat mastalgia

The discomfort of breast depends on what you eat.Some foods help prevent mastalgia, some help in the treatment of mastalgia folk remedies, others, on the contrary, exacerbate it.Try it, you will not help if the recommendations given below.

  • more vitamin E. "In my experience, at least for some women it is easier mastalgia", - says Dr. Michael Di Palma from Newtown (Pennsylvania, USA.).He begins treatment with a dose of 400 IU / day and each month it increases to 100 IU / day until the patient begins to feel better.Sometimes you have to take daily to 1,600 IU of vitamin E (officially recommended norm - 30 IU).Typically, after a few months of such extreme fortification women can gradually reduce the dose to normal levels without fear of symptoms returning.If you intend to take more than 600 IU of vitamin E per day, first consult your doctor.
  • more dietary fiber.They should be getting at least 30 grams daily.Both types of fiber (soluble and insoluble), promotes the excretion of estrogen.This weakens the hormonal stimulation of mammary glands and therefore perceived in their premenstrual discomfort, explains Dr. Rose.Unfortunately, many women are less than half the dose of the above fiber.If you enter a number, eat more whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruits.For example, half a cup of pearl barley porridge - it's almost 3 grams of fiber, the same portion of the lima bean - more than 6 grams, half a cup of dried figs - more than 4 g
  • more water.Paradoxically, the more you drink it, the less the risk of premenstrual the swelling of the breasts.The water washes the sodium from the body, which holds it in the blood as a result of the body get rid of excess fluid.In general, 2 liters per day - this is the minimum necessary for health.