Urolithiasis - treatment and symptoms in men and women

Pain in the kidneys may appear as a symptom of kidney stones.For the treatment of urolithiasis are used as drugs and folk cure.The cause of the symptoms of kidney stones is simple - these are serious violations of the metabolic processes in the body.Kidney stones are very "crafty", because for a long time, it may occur in the human body without any visible symptoms, and then provoke an acute attack, which will send the patient to the hospital on the operating table for treatment.

Urolithiasis - symptoms in men and women

symptoms of kidney stones in women can be a pain in the lower lumbar region, extending to the area of ​​the labia majora.In men, the symptoms of kidney stones are back pain, which are reflected in the groin, perineum, genitals and thigh on the affected side.It may be a symptom as renal colic, if the stone covers the lumen of the ureter.The characteristic symptom of - restlessness of the patient with urolithiasis when changing body position.There may be symptoms of vomiting and increas

ed frequency, or vice versa, termination of urination.Possible symptoms - blood in urine.It may also manifest symptom of frequent urination or a sudden interruption of urinary stream.Possible symptoms of urolithiasis as deterioration of general condition, or fever.

Urolithiasis - treatment with drugs for both men and women

By nature stones form when the symptoms of kidney stones, can be divided into two types - soluble and insoluble.Soluble rocks - it rocks that were formed urate salts.Insoluble rocks - it rocks, which were formed with the participation of calcium salts.

Preparations for the treatment of urolithiasis selected with considerable caution on the type of stone.These tips will help you be aware of your prescription drugs for the treatment of urolithiasis.


If you need a drug for the treatment of urolithiasis, contributing to the collapse of soluble rocks, it is primarily composed of medication look for different kinds of extracts of madder dye.


If the stone is insoluble, the use in patients with symptoms of urolithiasis - pazmolitiki.They improve the processes of a discharge of urine, as well as the process of removing small stones in the bladder from the ureters and kidneys.

drugs based on herbs for the treatment of urolithiasis


Besides drugs in the treatment of stone disease and its symptoms are widely used herbal.Widespread use are fees that prevent the formation of urate stones (insoluble stones), as well as contribute to the active entry and disintegration of stones, which is already in the human body.For such a treatment approach birch or cranberry collection.Such fees can be purchased at a pharmacy or make yourself.But in the case of a self-service collection you need to carefully monitor the quality of the components used.One mistake can cost you health.


also in the treatment of urolithiasis there is another option that is widely used by patients.This special diet based on mineral water.The diet must necessarily be assigned to a doctor for treatment.The doctor will also determine what kind of water, and from what source you need to drink.

Urolithiasis - treatment of folk remedies

Basics treat the symptoms of urolithiasis folk remedies


In that case, if the pain gives to the lower back or groin, you should see a doctor promptly for treatment.Therapy of these symptoms begin with a survey of the kidneys, bladder and ureters.Once you are diagnosed, the urologist will assign the appropriate treatment regimen for your condition.It is important not to start self-treatment symptoms, if you do not know the disease.


most common pain is pain that occur as a result of stones and sand in the kidneys, ie are the symptoms of kidney stones.In this case, treatment is not only the elimination of pain, but also normalization of the formed deposits and dissolving exchange.Traditional medicine to the question of how to cure urolithiasis, can cause a variety of means to get rid of it.


excellent help in treating the symptoms of kidney stones is a folk remedy like decoctions of flax seed.To use them, you need one tablespoon of seeds pour a glass of boiling water.Then all you need to bring to a boil and leave for about five minutes on low heat.Broth, which you will need to strain and drink every two hours.In the case of flax taste is not very pleasant for you, then you can add a few drops of lemon juice.Drink this broth need to treat the symptoms for three days.


Excellent cleans the kidneys and helps to relieve the symptoms of pain following mixture for treatment.We need to take fifty grams of olive oil, brandy, honey and lemon juice.All these ingredients to mix and heat in a water bath until smooth state.This tool should be taken every morning on an empty stomach, treatment of urolithiasis folk medicine for four days.


also get rid of the pain and other symptoms help tincture of propolis and Echinacea.For its preparation you need to take 350 milliliters of vodka and fifty grams of Echinacea and propolis.All the ingredients you need to chop and put in a bottle or jar and pour a glass of vodka.This mixture should be put in a dark place for about a week.Then infusion of strain and need to take a teaspoon three times a day.

herbs to treat the symptoms of urolithiasis folk remedies

Citrus with symptoms of urolithiasis

Citric acid, which is a lot in citrus fruits, inhibits the formation of calcium stones and helps with symptoms of urolithiasis.It is desirable to every meal, for example, drinking a glass of orange juice.

dandelion for the treatment of urolithiasis

during renal colic is recommended to drink more, I came to the stone faster.Naturopath Siloam Heron, professor Southwestern Medical College in Tempe (Ariz., USA), advises drinking not just water, and infusion of dandelion leaves or inflorescences goldenrod for treatment.These and other diuretics stimulate blood flow to the kidneys plants, accelerating the leaching of stones and promoting the elimination of symptoms.Unlike synthetic diuretics, many of which increase the loss of potassium, dandelion itself is the source of this important element.In the cup its potassium infusion of no less than a small banana.Instead of dandelion for the treatment suitable goldenrod, which has anti-inflammatory effects in addition to the diuretic.To prepare an infusion to treat symptoms of kidney stones, pour 2 tablespoons of either dried herb 1 cup boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

alteynym root and corn "silk" to treat the symptoms of urolithiasis

The mucous membrane of the urinary tract is injured passing stones.Its healing and treatment accelerate the root of marshmallow and corn silk (corn "silk").Marshmallow is rich in polysaccharides, forming a sticky gelatinous mass with water, which helps to regenerate the mucosa.Corn silk many of its components are useful for urinary tract.Corn silk is desirable to use fresh, and they are only useful or yellowish green part.Sold in pharmacies fees are not very high quality.Collect stigmas themselves with fresh ears, cutting the dried, brownish areas.

oriental medicine specialist Orest Pelechati of Short Hills (pcs. New Jersey, USA) tips for treating the symptoms of kidney stones to drink a decoction of the root alteynogo (boil for 5-10 minutes, collecting 60 g in 1 liter of water) and the infusion of corn "silk"(30 g per 0.5 liters of boiling water) 1 cup three times a day before meals.

Sereno creeping with symptoms of urolithiasis

Palma called Serenoa repens is known primarily as a means for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.Furthermore, it relaxes extract ureter wall that facilitates removal of kidney stones, and also reduces the pressure on the symptom of the bladder neck.Important tonic effect of this agent on the genito-urinary tract.It is recommended to take the treatment (if indicated) in the day, two capsules of 160 mg, or three times for 1/2 teaspoon of tincture.

Cranberry in the treatment of urolithiasis

According to preliminary data, cranberry juice reduces the concentration of calcium in the urine, thereby reducing the probability of formation of calcium stones.Amy Howell of Rutgers University in Chatsuerte (pcs. New Jersey, USA) recommends daily drink 2-3 glasses of cranberry juice.

recipe treatment of urolithiasis home

Potatoes are rich in potassium, which protects against kidney stones.Below is a recipe for a great diet food, it is suitable even for the holiday table.


  • 4 large potatoes;
  • 0,5 planed cup of low-fat cheddar cheese;
  • 0,5 cup skim milk (warm);
  • 1 chopped onion;
  • 1 teaspoon grated Parmesan cheese (or other hard cheese);
  • 3 cloves chopped garlic acute;
  • 0,25 teaspoon ground black pepper;
  • 1 package (300 g) frozen broccoli slaw (preheat for a couple).



Bake potatoes in their skins.Cool.


When the potatoes have cooled, cut them in half lengthwise and spoon scraped the middle, leaving the "shell" with the peel.From potato pulp, onion, garlic, milk and black pepper make liquid puree.Knead it with broccoli cheddar.Spread the mashed potatoes this "shell".Sprinkle with red pepper and Parmesan cheese.


Put the stuffed potatoes on a baking sheet and bake in preheated oven for 15 minutes until golden brown toppings.

Yield: 4 servings.Per serving: 301 kcal, 4 g fat and 51% of the recommended daily dose of potassium.

urolithiasis in men and women - treatment of mushrooms

Treatment of urolithiasis mushrooms - Japanese kombucha

Kombucha has diuretic properties, so very good for any symptoms of diseases of the urinary system.

Diuretic for symptoms of urolithiasis

Requires infusion of tea fungus.Application: Regularly drinking 4-5 cups of infusion during the day.

Infusion of parsley seeds with Kombucha with symptoms of urolithiasis

Required: 3 tbsp.spoons parsley seeds of garden, 200 ml of infusion Kombucha, 500 ml of water.Preparation.Boil the seeds of parsley boiled water, cover and leave for 30 minutes, cool, strain.Add infusion of tea fungus, stir.Application.Take 0.5 cup 4 times a day for 15 minutes before meals and at bedtime.The course of treatment - 1 month.

bearberry Broth with the addition of tea fungus infusion for the treatment of urolithiasis

Required: 2 tbsp.spoons of bearberry leaves, 200 ml infusion of tea fungus, 500 ml of water.Preparation.Pour bearberry leaves with water, put on a slow fire, boil for 10 minutes, cool, strain.Add infusion of tea fungus, stir.Application.Take 2 tbsp.Spoon 4 times a day 15 minutes before meals and at bedtime.The course of treatment - 1 month.

herbal teas with the addition of infusion of tea fungus with symptoms of urolithiasis

Wanted: 3 tbsp.Repeshko tablespoons herb, rhizomes of couch grass, 2 tablespoons.tablespoons herb horsetail, inflorescences of tansy, 1 tbsp.spoon calamus rhizomes, leaves, cranberries, 150 ml infusion of tea fungus, 400 ml of water.Preparation.Pour boiling water 3 tbsp.spoon collection, put on low heat and cook for 40 minutes.Once cool, strain.The resulting broth is added infusion of tea fungus, stir.Application.Drink 0.5 cups 2 times daily.The course of treatment - 1 month.

Indian sea rice in the treatment of symptoms of urolithiasis

Citric acid contained in the infusion of Indian Maritime rice entering the body is split into carbonic acid and water, oschelachivaya urine.This prevents the formation of stones in urolithiasis.

means of stones in urolithiasis symptoms

Requires infusion of sea rice.Application.Drink 1 glass 3 times a day for a month.

Chaga to treat

urolithiasis chagoy the treatment is desirable to give up meat products, fatty, salty and spicy food.Birch mushroom well to bring the stones from the body.

juice with honey fungus with symptoms of urolithiasis

Requires 2 teaspoons juice fungus, 200 grams of honey..Preparation.Connect the components to mix.Application.Take 1 h. Spoon 3 times a day in severe pain for treatment.

infusion cranberry leaves with the addition of broth for the treatment of fungus

Required: 3 tbsp.tablespoons of broth of fungus, 2 tbsp.spoon leaves cranberries ordinary, 400 ml of water.Preparation.Vegetable raw chop, pour boiling water, leave for 2 hours, drain, pour in the broth of fungus, stir.Application.Take 2 tbsp.spoon 2 times a day for 45 minutes before eating.Treating the symptoms of kidney stones is carried out until all the stones will be released, with every 10 days to make a five-day breaks.

Treatment of urolithiasis mushrooms - Tibetan milk mushroom

yogurt Tibetan mushroom successfully used to treat a variety of diseases, including kidney stones.

"Mushroom" yogurt with water if symptoms of urolithiasis

Required: 200 ml "mushroom" of yogurt, 200 ml of water.Application.In the morning 1 hour before a meal drink 1 glass of warm boiled water.After 15 minutes - 1 glass of kefir.

Prevention of urolithiasis and its symptoms

How can be prevented kidney stones?After all, it is better to have a good prevention, than to long to be treated.


It is very important for the prevention of the symptoms of urolithiasis organize your food and drinking regime.In order to prevent the emergence of rock of any kind, you need to respect the uniform and varied diet.This means that you need to efficiently use all the nutrients in the food basic substances.We need to eat more vitamins.


To prevent symptoms of kidney stones need to drink 1.5 to 3 liters per day.This decreases excessive drinking salt concentration in urine, while facilitating discharge of sand and small stones.But do not abuse the mineral water.However, without a doctor's prescription can not drink more than 0.5 liters of any mineral waters.It is necessary to consult with doctors.


If you have a predisposition to kidney stones, then prevention is best to rest in sanatoriums.You need a sanatorium, which are aimed at improving the metabolism.The same is actively engaged in sports, but without the extra loads.Everything in moderation.


sure to stick to the diet in the treatment of urolithiasis.Very often, doctors even prescribed for the prevention of urolithiasis individual diet, which takes into account the chemical composition of your body rock.


Do not overeat, even if you have no symptoms of kidney stones.By this, it is necessary to restrict your diet.Eat better more often, but a little.


excluded from the diet plan different strong broths, as well as such products as chocolate, cocoa, fried and spicy food in any way, especially if you already have symptoms of kidney stones.


It should limit consumption of alcoholic beverages.


little to reduce the use of table (regular table) salt - do not add it to the cooking at all, because you already get salt with food, such as bread


If we talk about the vitamins, apart fromtraditional multivitamin preparations for the treatment of kidney stones, it is necessary to increase the intake of vitamin B1.At the same time, do not get involved in the acid and vitamin C. This vitamin increases the possibility of the formation of stones.


rainy season watermelons, and then eat them in large quantities for the prevention of kidney stones.Watermelons are able to wash the stones and prevent their appearance.