Treatment for night blindness folk remedies

Night blindness (day-blindness Essential) - a disease with the potential to affect every person.Vision - One of the possibilities of the body, which allows you to lead a full life.Therefore, it is very important to keep your eyes stay healthy.Learn about the treatment of night blindness, including folk remedies right now!

This disease, like night blindness, is a disorder of twilight vision, which occurs due to disease of the optic nerve or retina.In other words, a person does not distinguish or bad distinguish objects in the darkness.Most often due to lack of night blindness in the body of vitamins A, B2, PP.Also, there is a congenital disease - it is not treatable.Acquired night blindness, by contrast, is eliminated by using certain methods.Himself disease can occur after a person has been ill with chicken pox or measles.Anemia, liver disease, malnutrition, exposure to bright light, and alcohol - these and other factors can also lead to loss of twilight vision.

Treatment of night blindness folk reme



sure to consult an ophthalmologist who will examine and make an individual program of treatment of night blindness.Usually in these cases, patients prescribed intake of vitamins A, B2, PP.


Eat folk remedies carrots with butter, beef liver, cream, tomatoes, black currants, blueberries, apricots, cod liver oil, egg yolk, wheat, dairy products.


Take fish oil at the rate of 2-5 milligrams for 1 day.Duration of treatment of night blindness is 3-4 weeks.


Use the recipes of traditional medicine - our ancestors knew exactly how to treat night blindness by conventional means.

Recipe №1 - for the treatment of night blindness folk remedies


  • 2 of the roots and leaves of dandelion;
  • 2 parts lime flowers heart-shaped;
  • 2 leaves of blueberry;
  • 1 piece of sea buckthorn leaves;
  • 1 part leaf buckwheat.

3 tablespoons of the collection of folk remedies for treatment of night blindness pour 750 grams of boiling water.After 15 minutes in a water bath and then urge further 30 minutes.The tool you need to take 200 milliliters 3 times daily after meals.

Treatment of night blindness folk remedies - prescription №2

2 tablespoons nettle brew a cup of boiling water and leave for 50-60 minutes.Strain the infusion and take it for 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals.It is also useful to cook the soup with the addition of the tops of young nettles.

№3 recipe for the treatment of night blindness

Cook beef or lamb liver.When the pot is only one hundred and cooked product is removed from the heat, you need to lean on it and close the head with a towel so that the steam remains inside and enveloped only the person's face.Such warming helps get rid of night blindness - This recipe is recommended that even the famous prophetess Vanga.In addition, the patient must have boiled liver 10-14 days.

sincerely believe that these recipes will help you and your loved ones regain their eyesight and help in the treatment of night blindness, particularly folk remedies.Live life to the fullest and stay healthy!