Treatment of measles folk remedies

Measles - an infectious disease that is still a few centuries ago was considered one of the most dangerous.This is not surprising, because, for example, in the XV century did not exist such powerful antipyretic drugs that we can buy today for the treatment of measles.As a result, during the measles epidemic perished huge number of people - both children and adults.Gradually, the doctors learned about the treatment of drugs of measles and folk remedies.At present, this disease with timely treatment to the professionals not only not harmful to life, but also quite easily treated.

First - define the symptoms of measles.This rash, conjunctivitis, damage to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.Measles begins as normal influenza - the patient has fever, runny nose, cough, muscle aches, fever.The rash appears only in 3-4 days, after which the fever subsides, and the skin begins to peel off.

measles Treatment folk remedies


pour 1 teaspoon dried or fresh root parsley 1 cup boiling water

.The resulting mixture insist 6-8 hours, and then filtered.Accepted 30 minutes before a meal 1 teaspoon 4 times a day.Good folk remedy for the treatment of measles.


pour 1 cup boiling water 2 tablespoons of raspberry fruit and insist means for 1 hour.This "tea" should be drunk several times a day between meals.


Fill 2 table spoons of linden flowers 2 cups of hot water and boil them for 10 minutes.It is necessary to drink at night for 1-2 cups of this drug.

Rules measles treatment drugs and folk remedies

Even if you know the possibility of measles treatment folk remedies and medicines, do not expect that you'll have to defeat the disease without observing certain rules:


patients with measles should always observemilk-vegetable diet.


The room in which the patient should be as often as possible ventilate.But do not allow drafts or excessive drop in temperature.


as often as possible is dry cleaning.


It is important that the patient oral hygiene and adhered milk-vegetable diet.During this period, particularly useful juices and fruit drinks.


To reduce the temperature, you can take medications such as acetaminophen, Nurofen, analgin, aspirin.Sometimes your doctor may prescribe anticonvulsants.


Even today, measles can be held in a severe form.In these cases, a detoxification therapy - the patient put a dropper with glucose and other drugs designed to improve the general physical condition.


If measles disease develop complications as bronchitis, pneumonia and other similar ailments, the doctor prescribes receiving antimicrobials: penicillins, macrolides, cephalosporins.

very important to ensure the desired patient mode, which gradually recovers and begins to feel better.During this period in his power to be present foods rich in vitamins and minerals, because it is important to both rejuvenate and strengthen the immune system as soon as possible.

Today, with the help of doctors to cope with measles has become easier!