Treatment of worms with herbs

infestation of worms is spread all over the world.Man is usually infected with three types of worms: roundworm, tapeworms and flukes.Their size can range from 15-20 inches to feet.

Treatment worms herbs

causes of disease must be eliminated, it is necessary to improve the sanitary condition of the home and prepare food properly.Remove worms from the body easily, but it does not mean that the disease is completely cured.Do not eat flour products, cane sugar, sweets, cakes, ice cream and meat.From constipation can be eliminated with the help of herbal laxatives or enemas.

first 2-3 days of fasting, and do not eat anything but pumpkin seeds.You can eat up to a pound a day.After 2-3 days of fasting start drinking tea.It will act as a sedative, and the worms out of the body along with the feces.You can eliminate the worms with the help of tea, infused on the smooth bark of an elm, and tea from a white oak bark, used as an enema, helps to expel pinworms.Take an onion, put it in a quart of water and soak

for 12 hours;then remove the bulb, squeeze the juice and take it for four days.During fasting drink as much fruit juice as possible.

People suffering from intestinal worms, will help the following herbs: wild yam, tansy, poplar bark, naked, hyssop, white oak bark, goldenseal Canadian, gentian root, fennel and smooth elm.They can be used either singly or in combinations required.Read the description of these plants and take them as directed.

Symptoms of worms in the body

worms have infected people do not manifest virtually no symptoms.May develop weakness or anemia.Trichinella acquired by man as a result of the use of improperly cooked pork, causing muscle spasms;In addition, worms can affect the heart, brain and eyes.Sometimes there are abdominal pain, diarrhea can begin.Children usually grind their teeth at night, they have a dry cough and a slight fever.Sometimes the worms can cause convulsions.

What worms treated with herbs?

The family of Ascaris most common pinworm, roundworm itself, hookworms and whipworms.Pinworms mainly affects children.At night, the female enters the body through the anus and lays eggs.This can cause intense itching and a desire to scratch, after which the eggs remaining on contaminated hands may be entered in the mouth.Worms can infect the entire family, and during treatment is very important every day to change and wash bedding and underwear.Penetration of Ascaris and whipworm can be prevented if you follow the rules of hygiene.Hookworms enter the body after walking barefoot on contaminated soil.The appearance of worms can be avoided if to watch their rimmed and shoes.

Tapeworms lay their eggs and larvae in raw meat.To prevent them from getting into the body, it must be ensured that any dishes of beef, pork and fish were cooked properly.