Treatment of diverticulosis folk remedies

emphasizes Dr. Aldur, healthy colon is working without pressure, and to achieve this, you need foods rich in fiber.Indigestible part of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and other plant foods increases the volume of the contents of the large intestine, and in the proper amount of feces they move toward the exit without unnecessary muscle tension.According to one study mentioned above, those who consumed the greatest amount of cellulose (32 g per day or more), the likelihood of developing diverticulitis was 43% lower than those receiving less total fat (13 g).Let's talk about ways to prevent and treat diverticulosis in modern medicine and folk remedies.

Treatment of diverticulosis folk remedies - rules of supply

can not count the fat grams in the treatment of diverticulosis, but just follow the food regulations: It is recommended to eat five servings a day of fruits and vegetables that will be about 30 grams of fiber.According to Dr. Aldur, fiber from fruits and vegetables is most effective in the

treatment of diverticulosis folk remedies.Fiber-rich apples, peaches, bananas, nectarines and fresh vegetables.It is likely that you usually eat five servings a day.Nutritionist Patricia Gregory of the University of Florida in Gainesville noticed that people who believe, like eating lots of fruits and vegetables are often very surprised when they start to watch your diet: the amount of fiber consumed by them is in fact low.Most patients Gregory consume 12 - 13 grams of fiber per day, the same study participants consumed, who eventually developed diverticulosis.

Do not forget about the cuts.Bran, who are mainly grain shell, can be considered almost identical tissue: According to Dr. Aldur, they can be an essential component of a diet rich in fiber, prevents the appearance of diverticula.Most people eat highly purified, partially processed grains - cereals noodles and cooked breakfasts.Foods such as white bread, pancakes and muffins, are less useful for large intestine than whole grains.

Dr. Gregory recommends this dish: a cup of finished breakfast, rich in fiber (eg, bran, raisins) with slices of a small banana;it will give 11 grams of fiber.From pasta healthier whole grains rather than refined white flour.

Keep score.To calculate the amount of consumption of fiber, use tables, which can be found in the manuals for nutrition.

Dr. Gregory thinks best, "The Complete Guide to dietary accountable to" Corinne T. Netzer.This book shows the performance of fiber content in products that are sold in shops and offered in restaurants.Maintain accurate records will help a diary in which to celebrate the daily amount of fiber consumed, as long as you have not developed the habit of food rich in fiber.

gradually accustom to the tissue.Someone would think that increasing fiber intake immediately in order to protect the intestines - a bad joke, but in reality you are waiting for flatulence, bloating and cramping.But it is necessary to increase fiber intake gradually, while indigestion can be avoided.Dr. Gregory advises to increase fiber intake by 5 grams daily for a week;as a result of a month daily rate is 25 - '35

Limit your consumption of meat.Research Dr. Aldur revealed that men treated for beef lunch, pork or lamb more often than twice a week, the risk of diverticular disease was three times higher than for those who eat meat dishes at least once amonth.It is not known how the meat consumption increases the risk of the disease.Presumably meat provokes bacterial activity in the intestine, which weakens the wall of the colon."It is necessary to limit the consumption of meat, - says Dr. Aldur - this will help prevent diverticulosis, not only, but also heart disease and various cancers."

physical education classes for the treatment of diverticulosis

Regular physical activity can also play an important role in the prevention of symptomatic diverticulosis.The research of Dr. Aldur revealed that men who lead less sedentary life, the greatest risk of developing the disease.Who sedentary lifestyle combined with low consumption of fiber, the likelihood of the disease was highest - 2.5 times higher than in physically active men receiving enough fiber.

How does physical activity prevents the formation of diverticula in the colon is still unknown, we can only conjecture.When exertion accelerates the intestinal transit;probably due to the colonic muscle tension sufficiently smaller.In addition, the active lifestyle better blood supply, including the intestine, which strengthens it.Whatever it was, in addition to proper nutrition is necessary to maintain good physical shape.However, before proceeding to the sporting activities, consult with your doctor.

  • Walking.The likelihood of developing diverticular disease is reduced when is any intense physical activity.Effective brisk walking three - five times a week (depending on individual physical fitness and age).
  • running.According to Dr. Aldur, in the group of subjects with the highest physical activity, namely those who are engaged in the usual jogging or running, it had the lowest probability of diverticulosis."The more intense sports, the more benefit they will bring," - said Dr. Aldur.
  • Other exercises.Actually, it does not matter what specific exercises to create the necessary load, any sports activities contribute to the activities of the digestive system and thus avoid diverticulosis.Go up the stairs on foot, rowing, rhythmic gymnastics, cycling, tennis, badminton, etc.- All this will reduce the risk of diverticulosis, provided regular employment.

Carbonated drinks in diverticulosis

After drinking a bottle of sparkling water, you will not only absorb excessive amounts of fluids and calories, and occupy the place that should give tissue - an important factor preventing diverticulosis.According to the observations of Dr. Patricia Gregory, those who consume little fiber, a significant portion (30 - 50%) was obtained as a calorie carbonated water, tea and other sweet drinks.She advises to refrain from soda and instead drink and eat plenty of really useful things - ordinary water or foods rich in fiber.

diverticulosis Diagnostics

Identify diverticulosis is possible only with the help of instrumental methods.The most common are: colonoscopy, barium enema, sigmoidoscopy.The number and size can be identified diverticula from single to multiple diameter from 0.2-0.3 to 2.3 cm or more.It is necessary to make a differential diagnosis with colon tumor.

Conservative treatment of diverticulitis

conservative methods of treatment (antibiotics and antispasmodics, intestinal antiseptic, sedative and anxiolytic, local hypothermia, therapeutic enemas, etc.) ensure a positive result in only 60-65% of patients.Parenteral administration of drugs, oral medications are not without drawbacks.They do not allow you to create the optimal concentrations of drugs in the pathological focus area.

accidentally discovered in the survey, uncomplicated diverticulosis requires no special treatment.It is necessary to establish a regular chair with the help of diet to prevent constipation.When a tendency to constipation prescribe laxatives, preferably oil.In the case of constipation in elderly patients are used: oil laxatives + diet rich in plant fiber + plentiful drink (half a liter per day).

treatment policy changes in inflammatory complications (infiltration parakishechny, diverticulitis) - the patient is hospitalized.If not strongly expressed intoxication phenomena are appointed oil laxatives to soften stools and besshlakovuyu diet with fat restriction.Also shown are the antibiotics and antispasmodics.Surgical treatment is carried out in case of deterioration of the patient's condition.

self-medication is not worth doing.How to treat diverticulosis will solve your doctor.

complications in the treatment of diverticulosis

Diverticulitis - the most common complication.The stagnation of feces leads to inflammation of the diverticulum.Diverticulitis is accompanied by fever and the appearance of constant pain in the abdomen.Approximately 20-30% of patients had signs of blood discharge from the feces.If time does not see a doctor or do not comply with its recommendations, the severe complications of diverticular disease may occur.May develop intestinal obstruction, perforation happen thinned wall of the colon, formed perienteric abscess or fistula.In any case, it required immediate surgery.