The treatment of fungal infections of folk remedies

Often, those who have met with a fungal infection, can not find answers to the question of the proper treatment of fungal infections, and folk remedies at home.

try to make some adjustments in this topic, the more that any patient who carries a fungal infection, sooner or later have to be discharged from the hospital and continue to live in the family.A knowledge on the topic of how to treat a fungal infection.

treatment of fungal infections of folk remedies with diet


Power in the treatment of fungal infections of folk remedies must be corrected in relation to carbohydrate restriction.Fungi propagate well in the body of patients, which include its menu too much refined carbohydrates (starches, sugars).Some doctors go to the full limit of carbohydrate foods, while not pass the acute phase symptoms of fungal infection.Moreover, the ban applies to all types of carbohydrates like sugar and bread group.


In the acute form of the flow of fungal infection is contraindicated alcohol.Fungi are ju

st as much "respect" and easy to decompose it to simple sugars, are actively starting with fruit on a rich medium.


Stop use in food products with mold.Primarily this applies to cheeses.


Doctors mycologists observed that consumption of refined products such as juices, nuts, nut butters, dried fruits and mushrooms lead to frequent recurrence of fungal infection.


Traditional medicine had noticed fine quality garlic to inhibit expression of a fungal infection.Take raw garlic every day for the treatment of fungal infections.Although the question of its use in food, has some specific "spirit."But here it says. "In war as in war"Garlic can go as a basis for your marinades, add it to salads, meat and fish dishes.


very useful habit will be eating yogurt everyday.But just remember one battered advertising phrase that not all yogurts are created equal.You can purchase a home use yogurt and cook this useful product that will suppress the fungal microflora in your gut the house on their own.And when buying yogurt in the store to pay attention to the date of issue and the presence of preservatives.Choose "live yogurt.


way, domestic producers are preparing kefir products are excellent and wholesome foods with yogurt starter (plain yogurt, yogurt, acidophilus).These products will help restore your microflora in the gut and successfully deal with mycotic agents.

treatment of fungal infections at home - advice

Among the recommendations of everyday character will become a major rejection of synthetic fabrics.This is especially true of underwear.Choose it from natural fabrics (cotton or silk).When buying tights purchase those models where the inserted cotton gusset.Stop wearing tight clothes, let your skin breathe and genitals.Do not wear synthetic pants.

your main goal will be to provide more air to the places on the body where fungal infection may develop.

And of course, the most important advice is the immediate access to a doctor as soon as you suspect at the development of fungal infections.It is always correct specialist will tell you how to treat a fungal infection.

treatment of fungal infections of folk remedies on the skin of hands


Sage is one of the many folk remedies that can help in the treatment of fungal infections.This plant contains tannins, they are able to protect the skin against new infections by strengthening the surface.How to cure a fungus on the skin of hands.Brew with boiling water sage and make gadgets that excessive sweating is removed, destroying the environment favorable for reproduction and fungal activity.


When struck by a fungus of the foot, on a regular basis to do foot bath with the addition of soda or salt.To do this in three liters of warm water stir two tablespoons of salt or baking soda to dilute 50ml.vinegar.These baths should be done daily for 10-12 days, alternating salt and soda baths.Hours 15-20 minutes, then wipe dry with a foot, and then treat the problem areas of calendula ointment, furatsilinom or chamomile oil.


decoction of black radish is also well established in the treatment of fungal infections of folk remedies.To cook it, take 250 grams of radish and chop it, then fill it with 2 liters of water, bring to a boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes, give it brew and cool.This broth soar hands and feet affected by fungus.


infusion of thyme is another active agent.How to cure the fungus on the skin of hands with it.To this end, 4 tablespoons of the plant, pour one cup of boiling water, leave for an hour and then filtered.Moistened gauze in the infusion (or bandage) is applied to the treated area and lasts for hours.This procedure will have to do twice a day.Very effective cream of thyme.What would it do to prepare a concentrated decoction of the plant and thoroughly mixed with three tablespoons of vegetable oil.


Another very well-suited and ointment of propolis.At home, it can also be easily prepared.Take a 90-percent alcohol in it and mix thoroughly propolis.It is applied in a thin layer to affected areas of the fungus and wrapped with waxed paper.After a couple of weeks of this ointment will be seen positive results.