Herbal treatment of tuberculosis

Tuberculosis - one of the most common diseases of our century.Treatment of tuberculosis herb is best done in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

tuberculosis Herbal treatment - recommendations

The sickroom should be kept moderate temperature, never to do it too warm.The room must be well ventilated, it should be dry and, if possible, go on the sunny side.The patient need to exercise and spend outdoors most of the time.If it is not too weak and not exhausted, use an emetic to cleanse the stomach.You will be amazed at the amount of mucus, which will be released from the body immediately after taking the vomiting.It is this mucus the body is trying to take away in paroxysms of coughing.

tuberculosis Herbal treatment - recipes tinctures

  • Take a teaspoon of powdered goldenseal Canadian, one teaspoon pepper pods Javanese and 14 teaspoon lobelia, brew a mixture of herbs pint of boiling water and let stand for one and a half hours.Every hour, do a sip medication.A cup of this tea will hel
    p stop pulmonary hemorrhage, the same purpose can be used herbal powders made from the bark of bayberry or shepherd's purse.Brew 1 2 teaspoon of the powder a cup of boiling water, let stand, strain and drink cool.
  • Every day drink at least a quart of tea from smooth elm, a cup an hour before meals and at bedtime.This will strengthen and cleanse the body and give you strength.If you have problems with digestion, dissolve in a glass of water 14 teaspoon of powder goldenseal and take the medication an hour before a meal.


Tuberculosis Tuberculosis can affect not only the lungs, but also other parts of the body, especially the kidneys and bones.Sometimes it affects the intestine, spleen and liver.From the middle of the XX century the number of TB cases in the world dropped significantly, mainly due to the improvement of living conditions and understanding the essence of the disease.But in spite of this, tuberculosis and now quite common: 28 000 new outbreaks were reported in 1980.The disease is caused by bacteria in the body, it gets airborne in contact with people with active tuberculosis.

small droplets, which contain harmful bacteria spread through the air when speaking, sneezing and blowing nose, and, due to the small size, remain alive for quite some time.Unsuspecting people can safely inhale them, after which the bacteria pass into the lungs and cause tuberculosis.Incontinence in food, abundant libations, prolonged exposure to cold, lack of sleep, polluted air, weakness, shallow breathing, sedentary, over-voltage, lack of useful products, poor diet - all this allows bacteria to tuberculosis breach in protecting the body.The disease often affects the frail, physically weak people.Contaminated milk, use of tobacco, tea, coffee and drinks are harmful factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

Symptoms of tuberculosis

Symptoms may slowly.Usually there is a cough, sputum times out mixed with blood.Gradually the cough becomes much stronger, there is fever, night sweats appear, there is a general weakness and fatigue, appetite and lost weight.Tuberculosis can be accompanied by pleurisy.In this case, there is pain in the chest.Sometimes lymph nodes (scrofula) increase from one or both sides of the neck.If no action is taken.they can grow to very large sizes and break through.Many years ago, this form of tuberculosis infect humans owing to the use of the infected milk, but now it almost does not occur, because pasteurization eliminates harmful bacteria that cause disease.