spinal meningitis Herb Treatment

Spinal meningitis - a life-threatening disease.Treatment of spinal meningitis herbs can be carried out only in combination with the treatment prescribed by the doctor and with his knowledge.

Treatment of spinal meningitis herbs - recommendations

The necessary measures will be taken before, the faster will be the first results and the better they will be.Spinal meningitis is more dangerous for babies, than, for example, for a year-olds.The older the child, the easier it will be complications, and the less will be the risk of paralysis and various brain lesions.Since the advent of antibiotics mortality has fallen dramatically among the diseased spinal meningitis.

important condition for healing is the care of the patient.The patient must comply with bed rest and stay in a relaxed atmosphere.Visitors to admit it is not necessary.The room should be well ventilated and shaded.You can apply a compress on the stomach and the spine region, it will speed up circulation.Well it helps body massage.

Follow the work of the intestine, using herbal laxatives if necessary.

Herbs that help in the treatment of spinal meningitis

good effect is the use of any of these plants, cat mint, goldenseal Canadian, mountain ash bark and meadowsweet.Mix two or three herbs brew a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water and take at least four cups of medication a day one hour before meals and at bedtime.

Diet in spinal meningitis

diet should be light, should not be included in it stimulators.At first, it is best to eat some fruit or drink juice, and bran, oat and barley water.Add the broth alkaline diet - it nourishes and cleanses the body and supplies the body with sufficient amount of alkali.

symptoms of spinal meningitis

The most common symptoms are high fever, vomiting, headache, prostration, pain in the back, legs and neck, and convulsions.At times, can appear drowsiness, irritability, loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, and rash.The disease usually affects children up to ten years.Any movement causes severe pain, and very difficult to keep your head up and tilt it back.