Herbal treatment of smallpox

smallpox - a highly contagious disease caused by a virus.In place of the healed wounds remain lifelong scars.The disease is contagious from the time the first symptoms until full recovery.In the world of smallpox is no longer as common as it was before.In fact, smallpox was one of the terrible diseases that affect the whole world, but thanks to the joint efforts of people and vaccination, it was completely destroyed, as reported by the World Health Organization in 1977.Herbal treatment of smallpox should be carried out in conjunction with other treatments.

Treatment smallpox herbs - recommendations

Due to the infectious nature of the disease the patient should be isolated, and its things need to be disinfected.Insulation continues until such time as will not heal ulcers, and will not leave a scab.The patient should be placed in a clean, dark, well-ventilated room with a temperature of not more than 20 ° C.If you have a fever patient poite unsweetened lemonade.

recipe for tea in the treatment of s


If the skin is hot and dry, brew a teaspoon of the mixture pleuritic root ginger and a cup of boiling water, to give the drug to stand for twenty minutes, and let the patient cup every hour, until it begins to sweat profusely.For the preparation of tea you can also use an equal amount of valerian and yarrow.In addition, good help tea, infused with clary sage, as well as powder of this herb.When severe itching skin wash tea, infused with burdock root and goldenseal.When the pustules begin to break, you will need to clean the skin with boric acid.Washing pustules tea from goldenseal Canadian prevent scarring.For this purpose can be used, and hydrogen peroxide.

treatment of smallpox through diet

diet should be very easy.Well suited soy milk, as well as oatmeal, bran and barley water.Include in the diet of nutritious alkaline broth and fruit juices.When smallpox infection or risk of catching this disease, clean the body enemas.Take herbal laxatives;go on a fruit diet, then add to the diet of alkaline broth or vegetable puree (cook from leafy vegetables, combined with a fine potato peelings and a little oatmeal and shelled rice, strain and eat after cooking).Hot baths taken for prevention and post-infection, stimulate the skin and shorten the period of illness.

symptoms of smallpox

symptoms of smallpox usually appear 10-12 days after infection.This fever, headache, weakness, vomiting and constipation.A few days later the wound first appear, usually on the face and around the wrist.Later pockmarks affect the whole body, appearing on the arms, legs and face;Sometimes the wounds appear on the chest, abdomen and back.They usually heal over a period of four to six weeks, and after the convergence of scab scar usually remains.Smallpox often leads to fatal, especially in infants.