Treatment of rickets herbs

Rickets develops because of a lack of certain substances in the body.Treatment of rickets herbs brings good results.

rickets Treatment with herbs - recommendations

When rickets treatment is largely confined to the child sufficient amount of vitamin D. A large amount of this element is contained in cod liver.Rickety children need sunlight and fresh air.Well help warm baths and rubbing, accelerating the flow of blood.

rickets Treatment with herbs - infusion

teaspoon brew a cup of boiling water, drain and let the baby on a tablespoon medication 6-7 times a day.At various childhood diseases of great help tea, infused with mint cat;it can be a bit sweeten with honey or malt sugar.Rickets contributes to the emergence of constipation, so it is necessary to follow the normal functioning of the intestines.To get rid of constipation can be applied enema of plain water or mint tea.In addition, good help tea, infused with the leaves.If possible, the intestines should be cleaned fruits and vegetables, avoi

ding the use of enemas.Fruit can be eaten in between meals.

Power in the treatment of rickets

paramount importance baby the "Pregnancy" section When rickets perfect diet is recommended for infants.If you use cow's milk, add vitamin D. More adult children should be given fresh vegetables, a variety of fruits, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and soy broth alkaline.Do not eat fruits and vegetables at the same time, food and drink, as it impairs digestion.

Causes rickets

If children eat right and get enough sunlight, they would be fully protected against rickets.Development of the disease contributes to the use of products such as white flour, refined rice and sugar cane.The main cause of rickets is lack of vitamin D. The most common disease affects bottle-fed babies.Rickets is common in parts of the world where there is no sun for long periods, as well as among the black population of the planet.

symptoms of rickets

abdomen increases and bulges forward, spoil the teeth, the skull can be a square and slightly soft to the touch.Muscles weaken, appear constipation.The bones of the spine and limbs bend and change shape, which is most often expressed as a rounded or crossed legs.The child becomes moody and irritable, it affects the lungs, and the heart muscle may increase in some cases.