Treatment of rheumatic fever grasses

Rheumatic fever - a disease of the joints.Treatment of rheumatic fever herb is best done in conjunction with conventional treatment.

treatment of rheumatism herbal - drug prescriptions

Mix equal amount of the following herbs: black cohosh, gentian root, angelica, Colombo, skullcap, valerian, rue and buckthorn bark.Boil a teaspoon mixture cup boiling water, let stand and drink three or more cups a day, depending on the situation.Drink a half cup at a time.

poultice for the treatment of rheumatism herbs

A good poultice for sore joints can be prepared as follows: Take two tablespoons of mullein, three tablespoons of granulated bark smooth elm tree, one tablespoon of lobelia and a little cayenne pepper, mix and pour a quantity of boiling watersufficient to prepare a paste.Spread a piece of cloth a thin layer of paste and cover the affected part of the poultice, it quickly relieve pain.

herbal ointment for the treatment of rheumatism

Another great way to relieve pain is as follows: Mix equal q

uantity of oil of oregano and oil lobelia, add a few drops of pepper oil or extract (red pepper) and thoroughly massage this medicine affected area previouslychecking that it is not inflamed.When rheumatism and arthritis also help the following herbs: gentian root, buckthorn bark, burdock, palmettes berries, curly dock, sassafras, skullcap and hellebore.Discover the properties of these plants and choose the most suitable.Herbs can be used both separately and in combination.

Power in the treatment of rheumatism

Of all the diet is unhealthy, lacking vitamins food should be eliminated - especially tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, meat, bakery products, biscuits, soda, chips, pork and bacon.Use of these products does not allow the blood cells to rid the body of impurities.Food to eat cold food and well-moistened with saliva to aid digestion.Thorough chewing of food will cause the body's essential bases.Great results bring lasting fruit diet.Be it for 2-3 weeks and then go to the alkaline broth, mashed potatoes and French toast.Drink tea, infused with smooth bark elm - it is very nutritious and perfectly purifies and strengthens the body.After the fruit diet solid food should be introduced into the diet gradually.

daily take steam bath, and drink 2-3 cups of tea, infused on pleuritic root.To brew tea teaspoon pleuritic root per cup of water and let stand for twenty minutes.You can drink tea while bathing.Excellent effect gives a thorough full body massage, but never massage the inflamed joints.

reasons rheumatism

There are many types of arthritis.The most common is, it occurs primarily in older individuals.This arthritis is caused by the daily stress of the joints over the years.Sometimes it develops as a result of injuries received.In women, the young and middle-aged most likely to occur, which can bring very great suffering.Middle-aged men often suffer from gouty arthritis (in women the disease practically does not occur).The exact cause of many forms of this disease is unknown;However, it was found that a significant role in the development of arthritis, gouty particularly plays improper diet, resulting in overflow body uric acid and other toxins.Prolonged exposure to cold and moisture can increase the pain.

symptoms of rheumatism

joints begin to ache and woody.Sometimes they may be deformed and increase in size.The skin covering the joint, strongly heated and becomes very sensitive to any touch or movement.It is not often, but it happens that the joints numb and stop moving.The pain of arthritis is the intermittent, then constant.Muscles weaken, decrease in size and become virtually useless.In some cases, they are affected body parts, which are far away from the spine - for example, fingers and wrists;in other more serious damage to get the spine and large joints.