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Among the huge number of diets, most of which are very often ends up frustrating and rapid set so painstakingly lost weight, diet stands developed a candidate of Medical Sciences VIMirkin.Mirkin diet can essentially be called a power supply system, as it can be to stick to throughout their lives, which guarantees not only the long-term preservation of the result of getting rid of the extra kilos for the long term, but also the solution to many health problems.

conditions for diet slimming Mirkin

main profession diet author - the therapist, so the doctor can not ignore the psychological aspects in the fight against excess weight.To Diet Mirkin guaranteed helped defeat the "extra" kilos, it is important initially to determine for themselves the important conditions for 7 to combat obesity:

  • recognize the responsibility in the presence of the extra kilograms;
  • experience real desire to fight them;
  • determine the true motive of losing weight;
  • determine the amount of excess weight and set a deadline
    of weight loss;
  • build a new power supply system;
  • take the first step, overcoming the fear of the diet;
  • develop a positive attitude to diet and will to win with the help of self-hypnosis.

Diet Mirkin - menu for weight loss

Diet exceptions - one more name of the diet, as the technique of Dr. Mirkin is built on the exclusion from the diet foods that promote the formation of fat, which is not recommended to use in food.

diet rules Mirkin:

  • In the first dish you must completely eliminate the grounds, leaving only the broth.
  • second meal should be consumed without garnish, leaving only protein foods.
  • The third dish is necessary to exclude sweet.

Compliance with these simple rules perfectly contributes to weight loss, but for best results, you need to listen to other advice Dr. Mirkin.For best results, you need to completely eliminate from the diet prohibited foods and leave only recommended.

Terms of supply in the diet Mirkin

not recommended to use: bread and pasta, cereals, sweets, crab sticks, canned fish (except sardines in tomato sauce), bananas, dates, apricots, figs, potatoes, legumes, nuts.From dairy products - cream, cottage cheese and sour cream, fatty cheese.

Permitted products: meat, poultry, fish, mushrooms, milk-fat products are not more than 3.2%, any vegetables, except potatoes and legumes, fruit with sweet and sour taste, herbs, oils and vegetable oils.You can use any drinks, but without sugar.

great importance Dr. Mirkin attaches unloading days - kefir, cottage cheese, apple, cabbage.With intensive weight loss frequency of tests comes up to 3 times per week to maintain a sufficient result 1 times.

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