Chocolate diet for 7 days

One of the most stringent in the world recognized the chocolate diet, it differs incredible efficiency and helps to lose weight quickly and strongly.Priverzhenka such a diet is a singer Alsou.

chocolate diet for 7 days

such a diet is better not to get carried away, it is necessary to resort to if you want to lose weight fast.However, in any case do not get involved in this diet, repeat no more than once in 4-5 months.However, it is worth noting that the diet is well suited sweet tooth, they will suffer less.

Thus, the essence of the diet is that there can only chocolate and drink - mineral water without gas (boiled) and coffee without sugar, but with milk.Chocolate should be natural, black, can be replaced with chocolate bars.Daily serving - 80 grams.The main rule of the diet - drink no earlier than three hours after a meal.

Given that chocolate diet is rigid, it is suitable only for people with strong mentality and good health, otherwise the consequences can be very sad.A diet designed for no mo

re than 5-7 days, more the body becomes such a burden can not afford, so if the result of one week you are not satisfied, repeat the diet only after 4-6 days.But after a series of diets is better to take a break of at least 6 months.The week of such a diet contributes to the loss of about 6 kg.It is also worth thinking about how to get out of this diet, because it completely resembles a hunger strike, so I load up tight for the next day is not recommended, it is harmful to health.

Fasting days based on chocolate

Chocolate diet can also be used as fasting days, the rules are the same, the damage to the body is smaller and the effect is stunning.There is also a softer version of the chocolate diet that fits all, does not require such a hard sacrifice, but at the same time gives good results.This option is designed by Italian dietitians and has a balanced diet.A diet designed for 5-7 days, and it can be repeated with the same frequency and a break for those - also 4-6 days.

So, the day allowed to eat no more than 30 grams of chocolate and drink 2 liters of mineral or boiled water per day.The diet is supplemented with pasta, it is possible to eat noodles, shells, spaghetti, seasoned sauces (sauces are low-fat, without meat).Also, the diet should include salads, vegetables and fruits in a pure form, popcorn, all these products can be mixed at will.

This chocolate diet is suitable for people who can not drastically restrict your diet and feel discomfort when using the mono-diet.

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