Protasov diet - Menu

itself Protasov diet is designed for five weeks marathon as your main kilos will go only to the beginning of the fourth week.And the output of this diet is also gradual and lasts well - five weeks.

Diet Protasov - menu

you will not be limited in the amount of food, and look at all the hungry eyes, you can eat - whenever you want.Basically Protasova diet aimed at limiting refined carbohydrates, which in turn leads to normal pancreas.You offer to go for natural products with convenience foods, to eat foods grown in your area.Dairy products, eggs, - a protein and calcium, is your muscles instead of fat.From the fat we can not completely abandon, but is limited.

the first week eat only raw vegetables, low-fat cottage cheese or cheese, low-fat yogurt - and all this without restriction at any time of the day.Allowed in the diet during the day one egg and a pair of green apples.

diet of the same in the second week.It was only the third week of the diet is added to a portion of roasted poultry or fish -

300 grams, but it is due to a reduction in the consumption of cheese and yogurt.

the fourth and fifth week, eat vegetables, cheese, meat, eggs and apples.Drinking should be up to two liters of fluid per day.Preference should be given to green tea without sugar.

Do not think that after the fifth week of the diet is over.Now begins the exit from it.It is not as tortuous, although there is a doubt that you were the complexity of the diet, but there are certain rules of exit from the diet.

Rules out of the diet Protasov

  • dairy products in the diet only a low percentage of fat
  • limit the consumption of vegetable oil to three tablespoons a day.
  • engaged in counting the fat eaten.
  • You are not allowed more than 30 grams of fat in daily consumption products.
  • adding fruit in the diet, yet refuse exotic mango, bananas and so on. You do not need a long grapes and dried fruits.
  • Stay while on cereals, low-fat cottage cheese and vegetable salads.The meat on the table just lean, and it is desirable that it was a bird.

Even if briefly read and perform the recommended half, the diet Protasov still help.Is only eight suspected kilograms, you will drop a little smaller.

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