Mono-diet for quick weight loss

If life was circumstances that require get in shape in a short period of time, you can take advantage of a variety of short-term quick diets that will help solve the problem of how to lose weight quickly.They will give the effect of which is impossible to achieve any regular proper diet or exercise during the week.

mono-diet for quick weight loss rules

Before making a review of the most popular and effective fast diets and talk about how to lose weight quickly, it is necessary to recall the rules relating to any such diet without exception.

  1. Fast diet - an emergency measure, which carries an increased load on the body, provoking a malfunction of the digestive system and disturbance of balance.Therefore, you can refer to them very rarely.
  2. These diets are excluded in certain diseases of the stomach, gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.Before starting the diet is necessary to consult a doctor.
  3. Because in this period the body loses not only fat, but also vitamins and minerals, they must be bough
    t at the pharmacy and take further.
  4. All these diets are built on a low calorie diet, refusal of fats, carbohydrates, refined sugar and salt.If you are wondering how to lose weight quickly, but are not familiar with any short-term diet or do not remember the details of it, enough to make a choice on the principle products.And in any case do not give up on the water - with such a diet the body can face dehydration.
  5. even Needless to mention that such diets are contraindicated during illnesses, ailments and to women during pregnancy.

Most of these diets - a mono-diet based on the use of only one product.With them and begin.

mono-diet for quick weight loss - options

One of the most popular - buckwheat diet - makes it possible to reset for the week about 7 kg.It lies in the fact that the daily diet of unsalted boiled buckwheat in any quantities and package low-fat yogurt.The unlimited quantities can drink plain or mineral water.Its additional advantage - buckwheat cleanses the body and diet helps to get rid of dermatological skin problems.Well, of course, this diet is completely solve the problem of those who are pondering how to lose weight quickly.

Another diet - carrot.You can lose up to 4 kg in 3 days.During those days, during a meal - morning, afternoon and evening - the only dish is a salad of finely grated fresh carrots with lemon juice.Any other refueling will reduce efficiency.Add to the salad can be honey, dried fruits and nuts.From fruit between meals allowed grapefruits, oranges and traditional apples and pears.

Kefir diet can be designed for different periods.Fastest - this is one and a half liters of unsweetened yogurt a day for three days.Stretch for 5-6 receptions in the same time.The second embodiment is designed for 6 days, in this case to the diet kefir added from 0.5 kg to 1 kg of sweet fruit and vegetables.There are other variations, designed for longer periods.

Potato diet allows you to lose weight at a pound a day, but it can not be held for longer than 5 days.It is more diverse than the previous ones.The breakfast - a glass of milk, daily food intake - about 300 g of mashed potatoes for dinner - potato salad with boiled potatoes (250g), hard boiled eggs, salt, black pepper, vegetable oil and vinegar.

rest - banana, grapefruit, rice and other fast diets, built on the same principle to select one product.By following any of them, you need to take into account the general rules - more water, vitamins and mineral supplements, diets with no disease.

Finally we must mention the extreme diet.For example, a diet for dark chocolate and organic coffee lasts three days and is very effective for weight loss, but can afford it only people with perfectly healthy heart.

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