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Let these roses forever In my heart you bloom and kindness of heart Someone save!

Throughout its existence the company has taken Delbard social obligations, giving master classes or giving a gift plant different structures (schools, gardens, associations).

President Jean-Marie Pelt European Environmental Institute noted that the company managed to keep Delbard in the scale of human relations for 70 years, she was "practicing true humanism of nature, performing a task, which gives meaning and work and things.Company Delbard sympathizes with all the people in distress, and contribute to the aid association founded by those whose names are of the latest collection of roses.Taking part in the great work of the service of man and nature, the company Delbard cultivates a love of beauty and the beauty of love. "

Young series "Rose Heart", which Henry Delbo rum, welcomes and supports the works of charity, with the help of roses beauty company participates in charity events.From 2 to 5 euros from each sold i

n France rose transferred to the account of the association, in whose honor is named rose.The first in this series rose Telethon (2003) supports the French Association against myopathy (muscle atrophy).In addition, each year for a few days of December Staff garden centers helps the association to collect donations.

What are the varieties of French roses?

Rose Raoul ollereau (2003) supports Raul Folro Foundation, which takes care of the most forgotten: the lepers, the abandoned children, poor families, victims of the conflict.

Grade Soeur Emmanuelle (2004) is dedicated to the well-known association of nuns - the organization, the financing of persons in straitened circumstances.Sister Em-Manuel wanted to meet with the team that participated in the creation of a rose named after her.With surprise rosarian looked at this little woman of 96 years, whose head was full of projects.The nun expressed his admiration for them: "You are creating beauty.This beauty warms and gives hope. "

is gratifying to note that the Mercy tradition continues after the change of ownership of the company Delbard, novelty Solel du Monde (2007) someone else will give hope.Every 3 euros from the seedlings are sold on Christmas gift for children from low-income families.Presentation of varieties held in October 2007 in the exhibition "Days of plants" in Courson.Isabelle Aubrais, godmother of sorts, proud that she had the honor to give a beautiful name ( "sun of the world") a new rose: "Offer this rose to someone you love, and you will give a bit of sun to those who almost deprived."Why did you choose this name?Under this motto, August 24, 2005 The French Association of Traditional mutual assistance in its 60-year anniversary of 60 invited 000 children to the stadium, where a charity feast was arranged for them.3000 children have arrived from 48 countries.Anne Marie Lepper, a spokesman for the association, said that those 60 000 children - "little sweetie, whom the future belongs."Company Delbard joined the charitable actions to "warm the hearts of shining beauty."Burning Flowers "Solntsemira" roses evoke associations with the sun in all its splendor.New Rose floribunda meets the wishes of anyone who wants to take care of her, and breeders emphasize natural varieties resistant to black spot and powdery mildew.

Long Walk to class

What is the beauty of roses?There is no clear answer,

But we nature pointed the way:

The ensemble forms, smell and color

Hidden magical essence,

so that the foliage was, as in the picture -

In short, everything that ought to the market!

Delbard The company is engaged in breeding of garden roses since 1956, during this time produced more than 250 varieties.Annual production - 800 thousand seedlings of garden roses..According licenses Delbard roses are grown in nurseries in North America and New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

Burbank "raised more than 200 thousand. Seedlings from Crmson Rambler, pollinated by all ordinary roses, cultivated in California."The processes of hybridization are optimized to the XX century, and to help breeders come advancements genetics, but "Burbank principle of" fair today.

Which path passes a new variety to the appearance in the company's catalog?

Amateur roses without any ambitions for the high rank of the originator can check it out on their own experience: choose two parent varieties, conduct artificial pollination isolate pollinated flower, wait for the seeds to select the best of them, according to their own criteria, to sow the selected material, and wait for theseedlings.There are cases when some fans and achieved international recognition.

course, breeding companies, rather than relying on the case or luck, develop special programs, which are guided in crosses.In addition to the company's own preferences and traditions must be considered as requirements of the market, because each researcher - the son of his time, and as the originator has to his creative impulse to restrain the scope of social need and importance.About hybridizer of past centuries can be found at least a meager information in the literature and the results of selection of recent decades come to the consumer under the brand name companies.

Who are these people, whom we are obliged to fine varieties, and even masterpieces?

first hybridizer company Delbard became André Chabert, he began work on the roses breeding in 1955.Georges Delbar was a shrewd man with a developed intuition and by inviting the young man to the position of hybridizer, foresaw success.Presenting André Chabert, he often adds proudly: "The disciple of Charles Mallrena", although it is not entirely honorable adding accurate, as André Chabert was more of a pupil of his father, Joseph M. Chabert, the last disciple of Charles Mallrena.Companions on the craft called Mallrena Charles (Charles Mallern) «prince of color."

Talent André Chabert allowed the company Delbard soon claim a place among the recognized breeding companies, and later to gain a foothold in the list of celebrities.André Chabert, a breeder with a diverse range of tastes, having worked in nurseries Malicorne 36 lay down, the company is obliged Delbar exclusive varieties of roses.With this name is associated with outstanding grades: Centenare de Lourdes, Grand Secle, Tobago, Madame Delbard and other well-known varieties that are put forward in the name of Delbar number of brands.These varieties are still included in the company's catalogs, and one of the first roses in my collection Grand Mogul (Delbard - Chabert, 1965), indicating the authorship na André Chabert, it is already history rozovodstva.

When a family affair involved the son of the founder, Guy Delbar, and began to work in the hybridization program under the direction of André Chabert, he counted on the assistance of its mentor training.He later recalled: "I infinitely admire this brilliant hybridizer, but unfortunately for me - no entries line.It turned out that all stored in his head. "André Chabert said that if the records are necessary, they should be their own, and slyly added: "Then one day you find out whether you're a good hybridizer really!" Whatever it was, Guy Delbar considers himself a disciple of André M. Chabert.

breeding companies to be successful in the future, it is necessary to anticipate trends in fashion.For example, what will replace the roses nostalgically beautiful gustomahrovye roses?Even today, it seems that there are too many and long overdue change of priorities.In addition, requirements such as resistance to pests and diseases, increase hardiness and flavor, the last decade can not be removed from the agenda.

To draw attention to its new product, is no longer enough to operate only a palette of colors, it is necessary to present the market is something unusual.For example, the company's new Rouge (2007) has the advantages of the new foliage - it is variegated.Variegated foliage will attract attention and decorate the plant before and after flowering, and all lovers of rare and unusual replenish their collections.

Among Delbard hold annual 1500 crossing combinations, covering at the same time up to 25 OOO flowers that produce seeds for further experiments.Every year, about 70 grown seedlings Ltd., being watched during the season, and then generate the most rigorous selection and leave no more than 2,000 of the best of them.

How to choose a "star", hiding among the tens of thousands of seedlings?

I asked said commercial director Christoph Desyardins "Breeding Committee consisting of 6-10 people out in the field no later than 7 am, and every expert selects the best seedlings on the following criteria: a personal criterion (like I do not like the color,shape, number of petals, etc.), flavor, stability (primarily to diseases).Come and see a beautiful flower, but takes it only when it has other advantages.Then we perform the multiplication and the results are beginning to study.After five years, will remain no more than five varieties, which later will be included in the company's catalog and that you can enjoy. "To my question about why we sometimes refuse to updates, which are already included in the catalog, the company said that it takes time to get enough (a few thousand) shards for vaccinations.

Although the path of the new variety is long, rose breeders continue to develop programs to take account of and anticipate the expectations of all fans and loyal fans of this wonderful garden culture.In the nearest future the company plans to include the following tasks: expansion of roses series dedicated to artists, to obtain new varieties with variegated and striped foliage.Do not remove from the agenda the blue and black roses, requirements to improve the hardiness and disease resistance, as well as the problem of the inclusion of flavor in the selection process.

modern requirements for quality roses by connoisseurs and lovers, are quite diverse, but very conservative.Our perception is in a plane, however, limitless, but our particular opportunity to see this miracle, the ability to feel its aroma, touch the ordinances and possess the divine creation.Perhaps, in his boundless passion of possessing perfection we want to see more new features to his beloved.Breeders yet they did not pay attention, but that ultimately they work for us.