History of cultivation of roses |Photo plan

rozovodstva history will not be complete if the creators of roses remain "behind the scenes".About hybridizer of past centuries can be found at least a meager information in the literature and the results of selection of recent decades come to us under the brand name companies.Who are these people who have attached us to the world of beauty?

Wizards of

roses country roses Gentle rocking breath of summer wind, butterflies dancing like elves in bright luxurious colors.The fragrance of rose is born hexameter rhythm, so the great Homer composed the legends of the gods.

Since 1922 he has been working as an office worker, but does not leave his passion.The younger brother of George Robert Delbar recalls that if pa farm his parents, he took care of cows, horses, calves, that George was doing a garden.After working at the factory Georges phenomenal carefully cultivated plants: Chrysanthemum higher self growth, huge pumpkins.Its outstanding plants Georges certainly exhibited at the local agricultural compet

itions and always got prizes.Wondering about how, having no special education, his brother sought similar results, Robert Delbar believed that "it is an instinct, an innate knowledge of the plant world."

Georges Delbar sent to Paris.Good schools, he passes on the farm Truffaut, which is surrounded by the competent gardeners mastered the basics of the profession.He publishes his own expense.This book is like na album, which contains encyclopedic and practical details, it was called the bible of gardening.Release of the book Delbaru brought fame and money for research and technology development.The amended version of the book was republished in 1994 and awarded the prize Association of Journalists writing about gardening.Later (in 1998) published his second great book "A Practical Guide to a good gardener," and "General Ledger of the Rose," released in 2003, after his death (1999).The book is written with great love to the rose, and was published with good taste.

Experimental Garden Malicorne began with fruit trees, and a few years later he was united for nearly 3,000 species:. Apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, raspberries, strawberries, etc. After the release of the book "Beautiful fruit of France" in Malicorne sent cuttingsfrom around the world, it becomes a kind of scientific center.The magazine "Figaro" writes: "The US, Soviet and Japanese apple side by side in the French experimental garden.It is a place of constant research, which are held not only experimental crosses, but also the study of rootstocks, immunization and vegetative propagation of plants. "

history of growing roses

In the postwar years, the food begins to transform gardening, areas that were previously engaged in potatoes and vegetables, gradually filled with flowers and other ornamental plants.Georges Delbara growing ambition, he wants to create not only wonderful fruits and rose.At the beginning of the way, he was confident of success.Delbar acquires farm Petit-Bourg in Evry (an ancient possession of the Marquise de Montespan with five acres of good land) and there opens research center for the development of new roses, where in 1955 the post of hybridizer comes André Chabert.With this name is associated with outstanding varieties of roses: Centenare de Lourdes (according to experts, one of the great roses century), Madame Delbard (widely known in the world of the red rose) and other celebrities who have submitted the name of the famous originals Delbar community-tori.

In 1960, equipped with a horticultural complex "Commentry" (1 hectare glassed greenhouses and 150 hectares of irrigated crops), specially designed for the intensive rearing of ornamental plants and fruit trees immune.In 1966, the area cultivated in intensive nurseries, brought to 30 hectares in Evry and almost 500 hectares in Malicorne, with more than 200 permanent workers and 350 during the period of vaccination.

Dreaming of fertile plains with easily cultivated soil, creating nurseries Georges Delbar industrial scale on a plateau Combrailles, among the mountain ridges of the Massif Central at an altitude of 400 m above sea level.Typical landscape of this part of France called "Bocage» (bocage), field there strewn with granite fragments, small pieces of lands blocked by forest belts.Climate Malicorne nurtures plants alternating very cold and very hot periods, the harsh conditions in the end have a beneficial effect on plant hardiness and disease resistance, to the formation of their fine root system.Theresa and Raymond Luber, French rosarian and holders of 3000 varieties of roses, including a unique collection of botanical roses, are very familiar with the products of the company Delbard: «The advantages of these roses lies in the fact that they are grown in cold harsh climate on soils often of volcanic origin,this makes them more hardy than roses grown in the south. "

In 1978 the firm begins work Delbard and soon gaining recognition in the field of biotechnology.Possessing the know-how and skills in traditional technologies, the firm Delbard aggressively developing technological innovations.Culture is an important part in the production activities of the company and makes it possible not only to solve most of the problems associated with breeding in the open field (the continuity of the process of reproduction, the removal of climatic influences), but also to prepare tomorrow's technologies of reproduction and breeding new varieties.

All three sons of the founder of the company take part in the creation of special fruit trees and roses legendary.

eldest son Georges Delbara Francois into operation in 1968 and has been organizing Delbard stores in shopping malls, which will later be transformed into specialized garden centers Delbard company.In 1977, Guy Delbar, the youngest of the sons, comes to the family firm as a hybridizer.Henri Delbar, the middle son, begins to work in the company in 1972, he is responsible for nursery Malicorne and numerous foreign contracts, and since 1995 has headed the family company.His name is linked to a new stage in the development of the company - rose the new style: a series of brightly-striped roses, dedicated to impressionist painter, and the new collection in honor of the great French chefs.

Rose Garden

In 1996, an experimental garden in Malicorne opened for public access.It describes his delight journalist Madia Suyyah Malik in the book "1935 Delbar 2005. Creator of nature and the gardener of the world", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the company: "Visiting floral orchard Malicorne just need everyone in love with the flowers and fruits.From June to October, a lot of fruit tree branches strews to the delight of amateur gardener, the novice cook or just a lover of beautiful things.Flowers and fruits surround the visitors strolling among this lively Delbard showcases collections of the kingdom of beauty and goodness ... In the middle of this garden of sensual pleasures suddenly hear a squeak of your footsteps on the brick crumb on the alleys, grass or slow down your walk, and then this holiday is involvedhearing and touch.A fascinating examination of the garden with a guide delightful way impact on each of our five senses. "

France appreciates the people that benefit its citizens and the glory of the country.The first moment of glory Georges Delbar experienced while working on the farm has Truffaut.His younger brother, recalled: "One morning, while reading the newspaper at home, on a farm in Allier, I saw a brother in the photo at the company's booth Truffaut near Albert Lebrun, President of the Republic then, came to the opening of an exhibition of chrysanthemums.I asked the mother: "Did you see?" She said to me: "Why does this surprise you?" She thought we should be at the highest level. "For 60 years, a keen gardener, who called himself "the gardener-farmer", takes part in the life of the National Society of French gardening.Joining him in 1936, after 10 years, he entered the administrative council of society and consistently re-elected during the years of dedicated work.Always elegant, always perfectly dressed, his head covered by a hat will certainly either a villager whether citizen - so George goes Delbar, smiling through the cascade of her age."We have been working together for a common cause - the case of promotion of horticulture, extension of gardens and prosperity of our country", - said Michel Kuenta, former minister and president of the Academy of Agriculture, honorary member on the occasion of the parliament October 23, 1996 the construction of the Georges Delbara in Commandeur rankde la Legon dhonneur (Commander of the Legion of Honour).In 2003, Henri has Delbar receives the insignia of Chevalier of the Legion of Honor from the French President's hands.

is the fate of this famous family firm.Recently I changed the company's owner, and it is hoped that the traditions established by the founder and continued by his sons, remain.