Diseases and pests of roses |Photo plan

Decision on pest control we have taken many years ago.There can be several ways: to give it their natural enemies, fight them manually, or use insecticide.If you are in your garden are not using chemical means, sooner or later, be sure to set the balance, increased pest always attracts predators.These predators, known as beneficial insects include ladybugs, wasps and lacewings.Birds in the garden - the same allies of gardeners, especially in feeding the chicks.Everyone needs to make an informed choice, and follow it.

Why suffer roses?

sometimes are not insured even the hardiest varieties and the weather influence, we can not from illness, but in any case we have to give her a chance to grow healthy roses.If high-quality seedlings planted properly and take care of them regularly, the risk of disease is reduced significantly.A bad choice of location (no ventilation or cold drafts, shaded plantations), poor or compacted soil, unbalanced diet (starvation or excess nitrogen, micronutrient deficiencies), a

nd poor care (irregular or insufficient watering, neglect loosening and weeding) - these are the main causes of diseaseroses.


Rose Diseases In any case, before you treat the disease, it is always better to provide for preventive measures in advance, it is much easier than to deal with persistent infection.Make it a rule - never to leave on planting diseased leaves and damaged parts of the shoots.It is unacceptable when sick leaves with fertilizer during the summer feeding buried in the soil, it will be a constant source of infection.Effective for the roses some preventive spraying (for example, a decoction of horsetail or nettle, mullein and ash), they strengthen the plant tissue.

When using chemicals (and even certain biological) protection should always be asked how they affect the environment, and assess the risk class, strictly follow the instructions.