Features planting roses |Photo plan

saplings bare-root, if they are dried up (in the spring often happens), before landing place in water for several hours.In hybrid tea roses and roses trim the shoots, leaving two to four buds.

those who hindered the search for kidney, I advise to leave the shoots not longer than 15cm.The sections should cover up garden pitch.As for large-seedling roses, it is best if they are long, but spring planting long shoots hard to protect against moisture loss for the period of rooting seedlings.

roots of seedlings should be straightened and placed (if possible) within the entire volume of the prepared holes, it expands to the plant start feeding area.From this perspective, plants, garden centers offered in small volume pots and nets, often lose seedlings with roots exposed.They take root more easily, but sometimes roots for a long time did not go beyond the original scope of earthen coma.

planting roses Features

Landing mixture should be slightly moist and loose.It is important to seal the (slightly fist,

from the edges of the pits), the ground around the roots before watering, the roots but the whole length should have contact with the soil.When the pit is almost completely filled up, you can condense a little leg.Known even the so-called "wet" method of planting, when a pit filled with water, and then poured the soil.I think that this method leads to an inevitable bundle landing mixture fractions (as we stirred it well) and, consequently, to undesirable compaction total volume.Although anyone can test these two methods, and draw your own conclusions.Place budding (from start to increase in shoots) after planting (including possible land subsidence) should be slightly recessed, no more than 3-4cm.Deepening over these values ​​(especially in dense soils) will harm the plant.

Watering roses

Watering after planting should be plentiful, after watering is necessary to fill up the missing amount of soil and watered again.It is bad when after watering holes in the walls of the annular space is manifested, it is necessary to eliminate the ground bedding with extra watering.When all work on the landing is completed and the land subsided, yet ensure that the seedling rose (spot budding) is at the desired depth with respect to the mounting surface, and if you want, in your opinion, the adjustment, proceed simply, again well spill landing and holdingroot neck below the site of inoculation, gently pull up or face down a little plant.The whole period of rooting plants need watering.

for rooting seedlings and sprouting kidneys take some time and that the sun and wind dried shoots, they have to protect.The easiest way - is a structural hilling soil almost to the height of the sections.When the buds sprout, remove okuchku (better in the evening, on cloudy days).