How to plant roses |Photo plan

roses planting dates

The idea took hold that the best period of planting roses in our environment (eg, in the suburbs) - a spring, even for seedling bare-root.Many successful consider autumn planting, but, unfortunately, the main proposals for seedlings come in the spring.Spring planting more risky, especially for high-end varieties with thick long shoots.Only in the cold and excessively wet soils and in areas with a harsh climate is better to plant roses in spring, when the soil warms up.

The optimum time for planting roses in the conditions of the Moscow region - from 10 September to 10 October.Before frosts seedlings have time to take root well, and in the spring will begin a full growing season.

signs of good quality seedlings

roots must be developed, branched wet and a minimum length of 25 cm Podsypanie roots easily check out:. If the root of a fingernail scratch leaves a bright and wet track, the living roots.I do not call peretsarapat all seedlings in garden centers, because of rotten or

dried root can be distinguished visually.This will help you to conduct proper pruning of the roots before planting.It is better to pay attention to the fact that there were many roots.The worst choice if your sapling has a thick main root with a number of lateral roots.

seedlings must not be damaged (mechanical, frost, pests and diseases).The bark should be green, with no signs of podsypaniya.The loss of moisture may indicate cracked or wrinkled bark.

Regarding the number of shoots that primarily it must meet the root system.Even if the seedling will have many wonderful shoots, but rather thick and rough stump, it is simply unfit for planting instead of the full root.It is enough to have 2-3 good escape.Note the thickness of shoots.Sometimes thick shoots (with traces of multiple cropping, strongly lignified at the base and lost the shades of green) may indicate an elderly age seedlings.Not to be confused with the case where the shoots powerful, with very apparent lateral buds and they correspond to the young root system.Such a choice would be the best.