How can I make a geisha hairstyle |Video lessons

An essential attribute of the image of a geisha hairdo Geisha.This form of hair styling was formed in the Edo period under the influence of Korean and Chinese cultures and tradition has survived to this day almost unchanged.Depending on the stage of training and the status of women, changing ways of how to make a geisha hairstyle.

How can I make a geisha hairstyle, "Misedasi varesinobu»

This styling is done maiko, geisha beginners, during the first years of schooling.In this hairstyle bangs grasped tape, and the resulting tow towers over the rest of the hair.

  1. Gather hair in a ponytail and pass in the middle of the tape, which will "reveal" beam.
  2. strands around his forehead to gather round the roller.
  3. Secure the ribbon with a pin or invisible.
  4. Adorn hair accessories and artificial flowers.

Hairstyle Geisha "Momovare": the principle of creating

After three years of training geisha moves to the next stage of training - senior maiko.Along with the status changes and the method of how to do h

air style geisha.

  1. Comb your hair and assemble them into a tall unit.Zacheshite bangs and facial hair in a bun, to open his forehead.
  2. At the base of the beam, under the hair, tie a silk ribbon.Name hairstyle translates as "split peach", so tying the ribbon, you have to ensure that the beam is like a fruit halves disclosed.
  3. Decorate hairpin hair with artificial flowers.Beam around the forehead tie a red silk ribbon.

How can I make a geisha hairstyle "Ofuku" (fukuvage)

Traditional styling worn by maiko in recent years of training, called "ofuku".The main feature of hairstyles - triangular decoration made of fabric, which is attached to the back surface of the beam.The base hairstyles tie a red silk ribbon with a white pattern.

  1. Gather hair in a ponytail and pass in the middle of the tape, which will "reveal" beam.
  2. Attach the pin on the rear surface of the triangular ribbon beam.
  3. Tie ribbon beam base with fine patterns.
  4. Decorate beam pin with artificial flowers.

Hairstyle Geisha "Sacco": technique of creating

Two weeks before the transition to the status of a geisha, a maiko wears stacking "Sacco".In the Edo period, similar hairstyles worn by unmarried girls.For the "Sacco" is characterized by pins or combs of tortoiseshell and small hanging strands under the beam.

After gaining the status of a qualified geisha girl hair stacked in a grid on top of which will be worn a wig.

Video tutorial creating hairstyles Geisha:

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