How to grow and store onions

That seemingly simple question, but in actual fact - will break your head.So let's understand, and together.The choice, too, it is responsible.

not store onions without "shirts»

have read the first issue in 2014 an article entitled "Detailed onion recipe rescue", and I want to keep the conversation about this useful vegetable.I have to say that I do not agree in many respects with the author of the article.First of all, shallots - a kind of onion, and it unites all varieties, differing multilocular.Onions is odnozachatkovym and mnogozachatkovym.The latter include such varieties as bessonovskoy local, Rostov local and Danilovsky local.One of their main advantages - a long shelf life, as they have a long period of rest, and they are resistant to downy mildew and neck rot.

in onions, shallots, too, everything is fine, except for one - too small.I have a delicacy, which the author writes, and because that's what I want to say.If we consider that the onions in storage has a natural shrinkage of about 25

%, but we are still cleaning it from the scales, then what will be left of shallots?

I had such a case.In-law went and cleaned the whole onions that she grew up.Who taught her this, I do not know.I asked: "Mom, why did you do that?" And she replied: "That's right."Well, it is necessary it should be.What am I going to argue with an older man?Onion lies naked in a greenhouse, dries.As time passed, I came to her and asked: "Well, like onions?" And know that all of it has long been in the garbage.

That's me to the fact that the bow increases shirt that she had defended against disease and desiccation, and we had her ruthlessly as villains some are selected.

Well-law, she was already 70, forgivable, but myto you are wise!

Before planting onions you need to disinfect it

Now about the black sooty coating.This is not a TRIPS, namely sickness - black powdery mildew.And with the defeat of thrips are formed whitish spots on the leaves, they are distorted, they turn yellow and wither.Thrips overwinter in the upper layer of the soil, in plant residues, by dry scales of onion.As you can see, here you need to take comprehensive measures to combat it.And above all, we must be decontaminated before planting Onion, especially if you buy it, and do not grow themselves from seeds.I disinfected Onion in a hot solution of potassium permanganate (approximately 45 °), keep it there for 10 minutes and then cool in cold water.

K Moreover, after harvesting the onions should be well dried in the sun for 5-7 days.

How to grow onions from seed

In general, the bow is not so simple vegetable, how many people think, and to grow a good crop, it is necessary to make a lot of effort.I noticed that today very few people buy onion Chernushka landing.Try to buy a ready Onion, thrown it into the raw soil, so even with a delay, and then complain that nothing grew.

Meanwhile grow onions from seed is a snap.Try to buy at least one packet of seeds and sow.Of course, here too there are subtleties.And above all, we must pay attention to the brand.I grow mainly old Russian tested for centuries.It is a pity that it is now less and less you can buy the seeds of the onion.Shoyu, of course, and other varieties, it is impossible to keep up with the times, it is necessary to try new species and hybrids.

What onion opt for planting - onions or shallots

But still, what is the difference from the shallot onions?Conventional varieties mnogozachatkovye old Russian form of onion in the nest 3-4, rarely 5 lukovok that you will agree, not bad at all, although they are not very big turn out.But if you compare the weight, then these 3-4 things sometimes pulls one large.

And not for nothing called shallots sorokozubkoy or family.For the first time from the seed can be formed 1 or 4-5 small lukovok (as a conventional bulb, it may be, always, only one onion whatever variety).But in the second year it has formed a large nest with 10-20 bulbils.They are also not large, but very maturation and frost-resistant.Also, great for podzimnego replanting, since the bulbs can withstand temperatures drop to -10-15 ° with little or no snow cover.

Pen y shallots thinner than conventional onions, juicy, tender and flavorful.Very long retains juiciness (to seed maturation).

How to plant onions

be planted bulbs should be less than the bulb, that there is enough space to build up a large nest.Thickened landing leads to a refinement of the bulbs.Any bow very picky about the lighting and the duration of daylight.This is one of the most important factors of its cultivation.

Planting it needs as soon as possible, although different varieties of shallots and precocity.We have a number of blank fields - the wind blows be healthy.Occasionally falls quiet day.Maybe that's why I have a bow and rarely gets sick.In the course of growth with a bow not pluck any feathers.Each pen - a single flake bulbs.If the land healthy Onion and abide by the rules of farming, your bow will be healthy, well-maintained, and no sickness he will not be afraid.