How to grow good cabbage

On that just do not have to go to us, cottagers, to save their planting all kinds of pests.Some, for example, from a complete hopelessness even remedy for cat fleas use.And nothing helps.

Good sprouts growing from good people

was my one big problem: no way I could not grow good cabbage.And my godmother, Viktoria, always said that cabbage grows well only in good people can give, and not row all by itself.Cabbage - the energy embedded in the human cultivation of this plant.That is how invested so much and received.I could not understand it, and therefore did not know what to do.It seems to be watered and fertilize, and saving from pests - cabbage and frail.

Now, I understand that I was frail.I do not put their hearts into the work in the garden.Somehow it all worked out formally, for show.Fertilize only because it's necessary, and generally did everything necessary.

godmother died three years ago.After that, I started to look differently at the world, and only last year was able to boast of their ha

rvest.Apparently, cabbage responded finally.And now I do not experiment recklessly.I try to listen to your plant, guess what fertilizer they fit, how to rid them of pests.

How better to plant cabbage

Perhaps my way of cabbage cultivation may seem strange, but I have it worked best.On a bed where going to put the cabbage in late August, I sowed rye.In the autumn, in October, when it rose a thick green carpet, a site dig.The bed a small, 3x6 m. It took one and a half buckets of rye.Before pressing of the button scattered superphosphate 50 g per 1 running.m. When dug up, not all grown rye was covered with earth, here and there sticking out green shoots.So they were green all winter.

spring, when it was warm, everything sprouts sticking out of the ground, began to rise, and soon on the site small islands again zakolosilas rye.For those who have a small garden plots and the area of ​​deficit, can be sown in early spring herbs (parsley, cilantro, spinach, lettuce, radish).By the time of planting late cabbage it is all eaten, and bed is freed.

Cabbage I plant approximately 20 days of June right in the hole.

As well add some humus or compost, put the cover on mole crickets - a glass-fence (above ground level leaving 1-1.5 cm) and plant the seeds.I watered every day neatly from watering until the seedlings appear (usually at 4-5 day).Here comes to the aid and the grown rye - for the young seedlings is a good shadow, as the sun bakes in full in June.

You can certainly do without the Rye, you only need to come up with some.Slim series, I do not observe.Do the wells between the rye grown up in a random order, but so that the distance between adjacent holes is not less than 60 sm.

The watered cabbage

Cabbage growing and developing at once in one place, it is convenient to her and to me.When it stronger, take out the cups, so they do not hinder the development of the roots.Once the cabbage begins to collapse the head, I cut grown rye, which will now serve as a mulch for growing up of heads.Enclose permanent, to leave no open land, and its layer is typically 5-6 cm.

also used weeds without seeds, clover (I have a small bed), even duckweed, which sometimes gather on the river.Rye seeds of the cut ears after some time to germinate, and again between the green cabbage.Sometimes, out of the mulch knocked weeds - kicking, stacked on top.Every other week watering "herbal tea": weeds, celandine, garlic arrows and ash lay in the barrel, fill it with water, insist 7-10 days, provided the game 1:10, and watering.Along the perimeter of the beds also are planted tansy, yarrow and marigold.

«Shampoo» for washing cabbage

Last year, when the sprouts start to knit the head, I had to leave for a while.When I came back, I almost burst into tears: my cabbage to twist, is sick and sad.Aphids defeated.With fright ran to look, what to cook from a murderous infusion.Took 2 liters of whey, 0.5 liters of water and add 1 tbsp.l.shampoo for fleas for cats.

I do not know why I chose that option, but it helped, and my favorite, after a while came to life.I myself was surprised by the result!Whether potion helped, or is my sincere desire to help the lost plants, but there are no other aphids I did not dare attack my beauty.