Multivitamins for pregnant women

When it comes to multi-vitamin complexes and vitamins for pregnant women, the views on this issue differ substantially diametrically.

Who says that the expectant mother is to use only natural sources of vitamins, one - that multivitamins for pregnant women should be required to enter into the life of the expectant mother almost from the first days of pregnancy, and who - that you can take vitamins additionally, but not complexand individually, only those who do not have enough body.And what is really quite accurate, is that when you come to the pharmacy, the choice of multivitamins is literally dazzled.How do you choose from the bottom of the most suitable for you?Probably.To try to understand what one complex is different from the other.

Multivitamin complex for pregnant women - Vitrum prenatal

These multivitamins contain high amounts of iron, so it is often recommended not just for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women but also to treat it.Also in this complex contains a lot

of much-needed future mothers folic acid.Unfortunately, the iodine in prenatal Vitrum not, so you have to take it further

Elevit - multivitamins for pregnant

One of the most popular complexes.It differs high magnesium content helps to improve blood circulation, including the placenta.These multivitamins also contain a sufficient amount of folic acid, but iodine for pregnant women in them you will not find too.

Multivitamins Pregnavit for pregnant

Pregnavit - another very popular multivitamin.In fact, this set contains everything necessary vitamins for pregnant women.However, his greatest disadvantage is that there is only vitamins, trace elements and sweat, including iodine no.

Alphabet for pregnant women - my mother's health

very good vitamin complex, which has virtually no drawbacks.Not only that it contains almost all necessary for pregnant vitamins and minerals, including a sufficient amount of iodine, so once they are arranged in such a way that taking Alphabet, according to the attached schedule, you will ensure the best possible interaction of these vitamins and minerals, so that they do notwill interfere with each other, but rather to enhance their effect.But there is no perfection in life, and these multivitamins for pregnant women, too, and have a drawback - they do not have folic acid, which means that you have to take it further.

Vitamin A for pregnant

Vitamin A is found in beef liver, cod liver oil, egg, sour cream, butter, carrots, tomatoes and many other red and orange vegetables.The first signs that the body lacks vitamin A, and is a dry white skin, poor eyesight.Eating during pregnancy foods containing vitamin A in the body improves the metabolism, bone formation, mucous membranes, the child's eyes, increases immunity, improves cell growth.

Vitamin B for pregnant

Vitamin B contained in asparagus, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, whole grains, nuts, liver, cheese, young potatoes, berries, eggs.It is this vitamin has a tremendous help the nervous system, mothers, reduces fatigue and helps improve breathing, improves mood and helps the formation of blood.This vitamin helps to develop mental skills in a child.The only drawback of this vitamin is that it can not be long in the body, so it should be consumed every day throughout pregnancy and after birth.

Vitamin C for pregnant

principal defender during pregnancy and mother and child is vitamin C. It helps prevent disease viruses or colds.In addition, he is actively involved in the formation of the blood and improves the metabolism and improves the mood of mom.This vitamin in pregnant should be constant, so eat daily citrus fruits, kiwi, parsley, currants, rosehips, peppers, cabbage, melon, apples.But only, in any case, not heat treated fruits and vegetables as they will lose this necessary for your body's vitamin C.

Vitamin D for pregnant

Vitamin D can be found in hard cheeses, eggs, caviar, fatty fish species, butter.This vitamin works in pregnant only when exposed to sunlight.Therefore it is not only necessary to eat the above products, but also constantly to walk in the fresh air.In the presence of this vitamin in the body you will never have to suffer metabolic disturbances, and you will be better able to absorb calcium.Taking this vitamin during pregnancy, mommy ensures the growth of bone and tooth baby to be strong and healthy.