Corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

delay.The long-awaited two strips on the test.The house overflowed with happiness.It would seem that there is nothing to spoil these emotions, but at the first consultation at the gynecologist told you that you have a cyst of the corpus luteum.Feeling terrible, I became depressed about ... Very often what happens.With the onset of pregnancy, we are very pleased this event, it seems to us that life began to sing with new colors and once we know that there is a problem with the pregnancy.Upon hearing the diagnosis, we are starting to panic, although it is possible, in fact, there is nothing wrong and dangerous.If your gynecologist diagnosed corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy, do not worry.Let's first look at what it means, and what dangers it is fraught.

Thus, the corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

corpus luteum cysts are called tumor-like swelling, which has a very thick walls.Inside is filled cyst yellow liquid, thus it can be mixed with blood.As a rule, the corpus luteum cyst occurs just after ov

ulation in one of the ovaries.According to doctors, it develops due to impaired circulation and lymph flow.

Basically cyst formation has no symptoms, that is pregnant does not feel any abnormalities.Occasionally when a woman waiting periods and in these moments feel pain in the abdomen, but not the fact that they appear because of the cyst.The only danger with such a cyst may be called a hemorrhage in a cystic cavity and in this case, a woman may feel sick, and can also appear sharp pain in the abdomen.

dangerous to the corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy?

Note that this cyst poses no danger to the pregnant woman, especially if its diameter is not more than 6-9 centimeters.After 2-3 months, will reverse the process of development, that is, the cyst will resolve on its own.Doctors can see such a cyst during ultrasound early in pregnancy.It should be noted that serious violations of the cyst in a pregnant woman is not.In the normal state of the corpus luteum cyst is round, with clear smooth contours.After 14-16 weeks of pregnancy, usually occur regression of cysts.

Danger is a violation of the integrity of the cyst wall, because in this case the contents of the corpus luteum can result in abdominal cavity.It is also dangerous when twisted cyst legs.In this case, a pregnant woman will save the only surgical treatment.However, note that this happens very rarely, and for sure it will not happen to you.

Symptoms corpus luteum cyst during pregnancy

As mentioned above, the pregnant does not feel any symptoms of the corpus luteum cyst, ie everything will happen as in normal pregnancy.At times it may feel pain in the abdomen or on the sides.But this does not mean that the pain is provoked cyst.Frequent pain a woman may feel after a diagnosis of a cyst, and it is likely to self-hypnosis.After all, if a pregnant did not know about the existence of a tumor, and the pain she felt.But if you still think that there is something wrong, and pregnancy is not as it should, contact your doctor, let him check you.Take the time to make the US will not be repeated by ultrasound you any harm, but you calm down.

also to warn yourself from any dangers of pregnancy, try not to make any sudden movements, spend sufficient time in the fresh air, relax in a timely manner and follow food, it must be right.