Diet for Gallstones

Refined sugar came up with the enemy of mankind.This is not a typical product of the body - one of the sources of your gallstones.Diet with stones in the bladder delchnom - this is the aid from which sin to refuse.

principles of diet with gallstones

The main principle of the diet with gallstones - the regularity and granularity meal.Do not strain your gallbladder, and it is so bad.Eat slowly 5-6 times a day.Your meal "table №5», if you do not guard themselves and were worsening, go to the most gentle diet.In general, alcohol, legumes, fatty and fried meat, hot spices and herbs - this is not your food.You should try that would have eaten the products do not increase the viscosity and bile stasis.That is, you are contraindicated animal fats, smoked and canned.

Stagnation of bile, is a direct route to the formation of stones.Prevention is the only right diet.On the table should be present in large amounts of vegetables, berries.All greens, except onion and radish in a large number of these essential

oils.If the stones are already formed, the diet includes carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin and grapes, apples and prunes.They help to correct bile flow.From animal fats, can be eaten butter, animal fats there only conditionally.

cholecystitis, in terms of gallbladder inflammation, it's all the same thing, only with inflammation of the bladder wall.Diet for gallbladder disease regardless of inflammation shows approximately the same.We will not be extended to form the surgical clinic of your pain in the upper quadrant.The process has started, do not bring it to the scalpel of the surgeon.what exactly you can not limit yourself to eating reckless.

forbidden and allowed foods in the diet with gallstones

Good food in cholelithiasis:

the presence of gallstones diet should consist of these foods:

  • lean fish and meat, dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, milk).Regarding the latter category, the milk products contain besides calcium, the presence of which is necessary in such disease;
  • three or four eggs a week, in case of individual intolerance of the product use recommended protein omelet;
  • buckwheat and oatmeal;
  • also desirable use of oil and butter, Regarding the latter, it is much easier for the other fat is digested and absorbed.In some cases, the butter can cause a bitter taste in the mouth and pain, then oil should be added to the ready-made porridge or other dish;
  • fresh vegetables, fruits and berries and juices from them;
  • quince juice, blueberry, cherry, pomegranate, etc.

Products advised to eat a diet with gallstones:

Diet for gallstones should avoid such foods:

  • fatty meats and fish, fat, fatty canned food, margarine, meat, internal organs, such as kidneysliver;
  • vegetables, which differ by the presence of large amounts of essential oils (radish, radish, garlic, onions), and oxalic acid (sorrel directly and spinach);
  • in case of excess weight is not recommended to use different cereals, bread and pasta, and sweet baked goods.

basic rule of dieting at stones in the gall bladder

Moderation in all things, especially in the food, it had to write in large letters on the fridge earlier.It did not work - limit yourself right now.Metabolism with stone formation - is not just a problem of the gallbladder, the same process occurs in the kidney.

Diet for kidney stones is about the same as the diet for gallbladder disease.It may be different in some changes in the product range, depending on the type of stones.When phosphate stones excluded milk and dairy products, but are useful products that increase acid reaction.

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