What to drink for pregnant and can not

If in the normal state of a thirsty person has a large selection of drinks, which can help him, that pregnant women are not so simple.Much of that drink, "ordinary people" they are contraindicated or just not recommended.Let's see what you can drink during pregnancy, and what - you can not, and why.

What can drink for pregnant women - coffee

As you know, this is quite a popular drink contains caffeine.And we should not think that the instant coffee can somehow fix the situation, quite the opposite.The soluble coffee kinds of unwanted pregnancy when the element contains even more.In addition, in the soluble coffee contains many synthetic additives that allow it to be soluble.That in itself is extremely unprofitable for pregnant women.

But back to caffeine.If you feel bad as long as you drink three or four cups of coffee, it means that you have already developed a dependency on caffeine.Yes Yes.Caffeine - a weak drug and also develop dependence on it.So is it worth it to develop in the unborn child?

However, experts believe that one of the cups of coffee a day, nothing bad will happen, and even pregnant women can afford it.- Especially if they have low blood pressure.

Can pregnant women drink tea

What a silly question?- You might say.Well, what could be a health hazard regular tea?Meanwhile, strong tea contains caffeine, all the same.And there it is no less than in coffee.And do not deceive light color of green tea - the fortress, he is not inferior to the black.Therefore, pregnant women can drink tea only in a very diluted form.Unfortunately, while it is strongly loses its taste qualities.Although green tea contains large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients, pregnant women need to show him some caution.

In recent years, are gaining increasing popularity all kinds of fruit teas.All of them can be divided into two groups - tea with fruit flavor and natural herbal or fruit teas.It is clear that from the first, there is no sense, but the second group of tea is very useful for pregnant women.Of course, if you are brewing their own and do not use tea bags.

What can you drink pregnant if thirsty